14 month baby update

Turns out time does in fact seem to fly by when you have a child. It was only yesterday she turned one and now blink and we’re hitting (technically just passed…) the 14 month mark. So as I sit here trying to get my to-do list out of my head and on to paper for the week ahead I thought I’d take a moment to tap out a little baby update. Well, I say baby but 14 months old seems a bit old for a baby, no?! But she’s not toddling yet. Is there an in-between word for toddler/baby? Boddler? Todby?

Anyway, I digress.

So Eleanor is now just over 14 months old. Honestly, without sounding to cliche proud-parent, she’s a joy. Ollie and I both just love spending time with her, even when the juggle of the to do list (as above) feels like it’s never ending and yes, spending time with her and getting everything life and work wise I need to done is an ongoing struggle. But she really is a joy and makes it all worth it.

She chats away in baby babble. Loves to point with a questioning sort of baby noise. So we’re always trying to identify what she’s pointing at now. She manages to communicate what she wants pretty well. Even better at what she doesn’t want…

On that front, mealtimes can be a challenge. Sometime she’s happy to eat whatever there is in front of her. Other times she will reject an old favourite. Trying to make sure she’s full and has a decent balanced diet isn’t always easy. But she LOVES scrambled egg, fish pie, spag bol and weetabix. Her favourite vegetable is peas and fruit banana. Although she does like apple but only has a couple of teeth at the moment so they’re a little tricky for her.

She seems to learn new things all the time. Sometimes good, other times frustrating… Most recently she’s learnt how to climb stairs and on and off of her little push a long car and how to make a lion noise. She also learnt how to remove her shoes. Not so great.

She loves playing with the dogs, although it’s hit and miss over how much they’re happy to play with her. They’re great at being patient and staying out of her way if she’s being intense.

She’s pulling herself to standing and walks along with support (on furniture or the back of her push along car thing) but she isn’t there yet with the first steps and beyond. But she will get there when she’s ready!

At the moment she goes to nursery two days a week then 1-2 days a week she has a day with a grandparent too. This is hugely helpful as it allows me time to concentrate on work. But as I said before I’m still getting used to trying to fit what I used to do in a week into a few days. But then, no matter how much time you have – is it ever enough?!

She’s only recently started fully drinking cows milk instead of the formula she was on. I delayed switching her over a bit after she was poorly around her birthday I didn’t want to do anything to risk upsetting her stomach at all. But now she’s on it, she loves it!

Grubby knees, messy hair & big smiles!

She gets very excited to go on the swings at the park when we go for a walk with the dogs. She now spots them from halfway and starts excitedly pointing and squealing to let me know that’s what she wants to do.

Sleep wise, I am VERY grateful she’s a good sleeper. She does use a dummy which I am sure will be a nightmare when we want to get rid of it when she’s a little older. But for now, it works and it helps her settle back down when she wakes up in the night. Nap wise, she’s hovering between one longer nap and two shorter. Today we went out all morning but got back in time for lunch and down for a nap by 12.30 but other days she might have one in the middle of the morning and another in the middle of the afternoon. Just varies on what we’re doing really and I try not to be too set in stone about it. But at the same time, the nap windows are my work windows so knowing what to expect can be helpful!

I mentioned work a few times through this and that’s probably because for the past few months I’ve been back working a bit more solidly than I was when she was younger. I took more time off than I had planned to, but I’m glad I did. That first year went so fast and as much as I love my work I am so happy I took the time to spend with her, getting used to mum-life and making new mum-mates! Something I really want to juggle as much as I can as she grows up.

Now life feels a bit like it’s relatively back to ‘normal’, or the new normal?! Or whatever normal is meant to look like now. We had a rocky few weeks around her birthday with her being poorly followed by Ollie having a bike accident. Now we have an exciting few weeks ahead and whilst we just settle into a nice normality, we have a change ahead with a house move. Dates are still TBC but we’re hoping to get the keys around end of June!


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