Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

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If there’s one thing that Charlotte Tilbury is known for as a brand I’d probably have to say it’s a glow. So the new Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection takes this signature and dials it up to OTT (in a good way) levels. If you like your highlighter visible from a good distance or your shimmer and shine on your eye/cheeks and lips then you’re going to be a little bit excited for this limited edition collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm

The collection comprises of:

  • 2x Eyes To Mesmerise shades (Rose Gold and Star Gold)
  • 2x Collagent Lip Bath shades (Peachy Plump & Rosy Glow)
  • 3x Glowgasm Beauty Light Wands (Peachgasm, Gold Gasm & Pinkgasm)
  • 1x Eyeshadow (Dreamgasm)
  • 2x Glowgasm Face Palette (Lightgasm & Lovegasm)

So, basically a whole lot of gasm-ing going on. A little run down of the key products…

The Glowgasm Face Palettes are in two shades, a lighter mix and a darker/warmer toned mix. Each shade is designed to have a highlight, a multi-glow (aka, can be used on eyes/cheeks etc), a pop-blush and a bronze shade. Each one has very pretty pastel and rose gold outer packaging and a large mirror.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm

The Dreamgasm eyeshadow palette follows a similar style with four shades designed to add smoke/pop/colour to the eye. Although of course, you can use however you see fit. I do love the Charlotte Tilbury quads and use them almost daily. This new one is ideal if you love Bronze Goddess/Dolce Vita/Exaggereyes. It’s a warm toned neutral that I’d call the love-child of Bronze Goddess and Dolce Vita. It’s aptly named, because it is a dream.

Also for the eyes are the two Eyes To Mesmerise shades in Rose Gold and Star Gold. Rose Gold is the slightly pinkier toned and Star Gold more of a Bronze-Gold. For my easy/everyday makeup I am really liking simple, easy to apply products like a cream shadow. Easy to slick on and blend with a finger. I’ve been wearing Rose Gold today (& in these photos) and it holds up well so doesn’t slip into creases too much and even if it does, it’s nothing a quick easy blend out can sort.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm
Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm

For the cheeks/face there’s also the liquid glow in the form of the Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand shades. A blush/highlight combo. These add serious shine. I’m wearing Peachgasm (today & in these photos) on the tops of my cheeks and it really does add a warmth and a shine at the same time. Shade wise, it will simply be down to personal preference and your own skintone as to which is the one to go for. I’d guess either Peachgasm or Pinkgasm would be the most universal!

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm

Last but by no means least are the two Collagen Lip Bath lip gloss shades. Rosy Glow is a rich rosy pink with a purple-toned sheen to it. Then there’s Peachy Plum[p which is a pinky-peach with a golden shimmer/glitter running through. Now for me, these products are a touch tricky as I’m a little torn on what I think. I think Rosy Glow is a gorgeous shade and is really flattering on the lips. BUT I really dislike the applicator and find it tricky to get an even lip line and smooth finish to the colour with the heart-shaped/v-shaped wand. I find the way it distributed product means even when blotting lips together it still doesn’t quite end up even and can look a little patchy. I also personally don’t love the glitter in the Peachy Plump shade, simply because I’m not really a glitter fan. But I do love the minty taste with slight tingle. I’d just love it if they updated the wand to a different shape.

For the look here, I’m wearing the Rosy Glow lip shade (which, whilst the shade is lovely – if you look closely might see does look a little uneven), plus the Rose Gold Eyes To Mesmerise shade and the Peachgasm Beauty Light Wand on my cheeks.

Base wise I’m wearing the Chanel Beauty CC Cream (LOVE), Laura Mercier Concealer, Benefit Brow stuff and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder. Plus some Hourglass Mascara.

The Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection is available now from John Lewis (price range from £22-60)

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Post features gifted products and affiliate links.

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