The hunt for the perfect nude lip

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As a true beauty junkie, one of my many ongoing quests is the hunt for THE PERFECT NUDE LIP. You know, the one that looks like ‘your lips but better’, the ultimate beauty cliche. One that’s just the right balance of pink/peach/brown. With a formula that adds colour, evens things out, lasts but moisturises and feels comfortable. Not that I ask for too much. The latest stop on my quest to find the perfect nude lip is the new launch from Clinique.

perfect nude lip

Clinique are well known for their natural finish and flattering colours over their bold statement shades. Not that they don’t offer a splash of colour here and there. But their signature is the natural look. So with their new lip collection they have done something a little bit clever and a little bit geeky.

The new launch is for the Even Better Pop Lip Colour and they have created a ‘shade match science’ formula to give you a combination of lip shades that are perfect for your skintone. The geekery behind it uses ‘the golden ratio’ to find the exact shades most flattering for you. The lip range is a mix of 28 shades all with moisturising, satin finish formula and added vitamin E. They promise to be feather-resistant and a not creasing or flaking formula. Lasting 8 hours in a comfortable not-drying feel.

Clinique have worked with a host of experts in colour to create the ‘ultimate nude lip wardrobe’ all designed to match and be personalised to your foundation shade from their Clinique Even Better Makeup shade range. So all you need to do is get colour matched for your base and you have a trio of lip shades to go with it. Giving you a ‘naked’ a ‘casual’ and a ‘glam’ option. So one that’s the classic nude, on that’s nude with a little something extra and one that’s a darker shade for a little added drama.

perfect nude lip

According to the clever slide-y circle-y thing-y my shade in the Clinique Even Better Foundation – CN10 Alabaster – matches to the trio of 06 Softly, 10 Delicate and 23 Entwined. Two pale and easy to wear nudes, one a classic nude and one with a touch more pink to it (the shade 10 Delicate is the pinker option) then the ‘Glam’ shade is 23 Entwined. Honestly, not a shade I’d reach for automatically but I was pleasantly surprised by how it suited me. Especially for this time of year where I am partial to a touch of a dark lip combined with a chunky jumper and short dark nails. It’s a classic Autumn trio so I have a feeling the shade might make an appearance.

the perfect nude lip

It’s a clever theory from Clinique – I can’t help but imagine the marketing bods around a table brainstorming how they and get people to buy more lipstick and coming up with this idea. It’s not a bad one, but I’d love to see them do something along these lines to help people find maybe a trio of shades to make a lip capsule wardrobe. A nude, a bold and a dark to suit their skintone perhaps?

perfect nude lip

Let me know what you think of the idea of a trio of nude shades? Have you found your perfect nude yet or still looking for ‘the one’ (or the three….?!)

The Clinique Even Better Foundation is available now (Feel Unique currently on sale at 50% off )

Clinique Even Better Pop Lip range is available now (Feel Unique £17.50)

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  1. September 17, 2019 / 2:26 pm

    I love the marketing and general thought behind the trios to match your foundation shade. I’ve always spent so long at beauty counters trying to find what matches my complexion for different events.

    Hopefully they will add in shades from the rest of their ranges to include reds (maybe for Xmas)

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