Not glamorous, but essential: Deodorant

Deodorant, I know it’s not sexy or glamorous but it is pretty darn essential. What is the point in primping and preening and generally looking fab if you have sweat stinky pits?
Doing a tried and tested for deodorants seems appropriate at a time when the temperature is starting to rise and the threat of being stuck with your head in a fellow tube travellers smelly armpit looming, the last thing you want is to be that tube traveller- you want to be able to raise your arms with confidence all summer long!
Having tried a few these are my favorites:
Best for a clean and fresh scent:
Dove Original Aerosol (£2.49 150ml)
I cant get enough of Dove products, the smell is so refreshing and clean, especially in the original range (which includes a roll on, stick and cream in addition to the spray). It is a classic that cant be faulted. The range now includes a huge range of scents there is something to suit everyone, but I am going to stick with the original.
Best for full-on sweat prevention:
Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (£4.99 for 50ml)
I was pleased to see that Sure had released a more hard-core anti-perspirant in time for summer. This is really effective and is best applied at night so it can work over night and in theory work all the next day, but an extra spritz of another deodorant in the morning cant hurt and can only make you feel more confident.
Best for sporty types:
Adidas Action 3 (£2.29 for 2ooml)
Smells fresh and is really effective even when exercising. You can really trust one of the worlds biggest sports brands to come up with something that works. The Adidas Action 3 is also available in a tiny handbag sized version which is really handy for staying stink-free on the go.

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