Molton Brown launch fine fragrance collection

Molton Brown have launched a fine fragrance collection.

The collection is called Navigation’s Through Scent and the fragrances are all inspired by different locations around the globe. Said to capture memories from the destinations, and be inspired by the origins and history of perfume as a trading item along the spice route. Memory wise,  I can vouch for one of them – it evoked a memory of childhood holidays in America that immediately made me love the fragrance.

The five fragrances are (as described by the experts):

IUNU – London Via Egypt

Fragrance description
floriental-spicy; an initial eruption of spices; cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and pepper oils, as well as clove bud, blended with woods; patchouli oil and sandalwood, and resins; elemi, incense and myrrh oil. The delicate notes of ylang ylang and jasmine introduce a feeling of warmth, beautifully blended with the animal notes of cistus oil.

LIJIANG – London Via China

Fragrance description
floral musky: a effervescent and delicate top note with pink berries, bergamot and vegetal opens the fragrance. The middle notes with Chinese osmanthus, aromatic sages and delicate white tea evoke a refined perfume. Precious vetiver and original musky notes create a harmonious base note.

SINGOSARI – London Via Indonesia

Fragrance description
spicy-woody: Spices and incense elevate and decorate the complex patchouli oil to give an elegant, rich and deep accord in the base note. An interpretation of patchouli, combined with spices, brings forth sensuality and mystery.

APULDRE – London Via Kent

Fragrance description
green aromatic: unusual ingredients like Lie de Vin are combined with more classic elements such as juniper, cedar, a leather complex, violet and lavender, to create and convey the uniqueness and alluring appeal of this fragrance.

ROGART – London Via Canada

Fragrance description
woody-fresh: with fresh spices (coriander, elemi, juniper berry and angelique seed), you get the feeling of a beautiful, green and snowy landscape, with the cold wind in your face. Then a slight maple syrup note and a facet of the smoky note, evocative of the cabin, inspires the warm feeling of being inside, with the cold weather outside. The aromatic notes provide a fresh boost: a cold effect. The fir balsam and gaiac wood give originality and depth to the fragrance.

My personal favourite is Rogart, with Lijiang as a close second. All of the fragrances are unique and individual and are definitely something to smell for yourself, and try on the skin. I found Rogart smelt nice on paper but I truly fell for it when I smelt it on skin. When I read the descriptions of the fragrances above I am surprised that this is my favourite, I generally tend to go for fresh, citrus fragrances but Rogart is a woody-fresh, still – my nose knows what my nose likes!

I’d love to know your thoughts on these fragrances if you have the chance to give them a sniff – let me know what you think!

The fragrances range from £55-65 a bottle and are available online now.

PR sample received at event.


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