Thai Day Spa Sabai Leela: Review

Back in November I took a couple of rather indulgent days off work to do lots of blog/beauty related fun things. One of which was to pay a visit to the Sabai Leela Health Spa that’s a short walk from Earls Court tube station for a Thai Combination Massage.

I love a massage, I never used to see the benefit of them – but now I really do. Especially as someone who is either hunched over a computer screen or lugging a bag filled with far too many ‘essentials’ around – I have a bit of a tendency to build up tension in my shoulders and back and a massage is just the answer.
This massage was different to anything I have experienced before – does anyone remember that scene in Charlie’s Angels where Lucy Lui is pretending to be a massage therapist and walks on the guys back? Well, it wasn’t quite like that – that would be really odd – but I was a little thrown when the massage therapist jumped up on the bed to twist me in all sorts of directions.
Whilst that was a little surprising, I can’t fault the result. My shoulders felt free of knots (apart from one pesky one that wouldn’t budge) and I felt like I had been pummelled to within an inch of my life. In a good way. Some massages leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, this one left me feeling like I had a great workout and like a ton of weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
Overall, the spa was nice and airy upstairs and cosy downstairs. The spiral stairs felt a bit like a death trap but I think that was because I was a bit of a bag lady and laden down that day! I also have to say I loved how they finished the massage by serving me a cup of herbal tea and some crackers to nibble on. A massage and snacks – what’s not to like!?
If you’re looking for a massage that will put you through your paces and release tension from muscles you didn’t even know you had – then I can definitely recommend the Sabai Leela Day Spa.
For more information see the Sabai Leela Website.

I was a guest of the spa.

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