Glossy Box: December 2013 (plus some upcoming info…)

Glossy Box has had a bit of an up and down year really, when it comes to the blogging world especially. It’s had some rocky times, quite a lot of backlash – and has sort of fallen off the radar somewhat. But, from what I have seen when I recently met with the people behind the box, it looks like they haven’t fallen off the radar – just more been beavering away behind the scenes and as a result, are really upping their game. This post is mostly all about the December box – but there are two others that I wanted to give a little showcase/mention to and a little heads up on some exciting stuff coming in 2014…

First up, the December box – it’s red, it’s festive and it’s filled with…

glossy box december 2013

A pretty interesting selection! Firstly, there’s the Wilkinson Sword Naturals Intuition Razor – a beauty essential that I haven’t seen included in any sort of beauty box yet, but pleased to see. Who doesn’t need a hair-removal essential in their life?! Plus as a bit of a Gilette/Venus woman myself, it’s interesting to try something different…

Then there’s the Rituals Miracle Balm – I really like Rituals as a brand overall and their hand balm (the one in the green tube) is currently my handbag essential. This is slightly different – it’s richer and really hydrating instantly. A great inclusion in a box.

Then there’s the three (yes, three) make-up items – the Seche nail colour. Not the most unusual shade – but I have been consistently impressed with Seche so a classic is welcome! Then there’s the Maybelline Colossal Mascara – one I’ve wanted to try, and find it pretty exciting to see such a big name brand included in the box. Rumour has it, there’s more coming from the L’Oreal family in 2014… finally there’s a pretty lip gloss from the BM Beauty Range (with Kimberly of So You Think You Can Dance/Pussycat Doll fame fronting it). A pretty shade and welcome addition.

All in all, you did pull this one very much out of the bag Glossybox – I’m impressed. Not even a tiny niggle to add on this box!


Then, when I met with the brand earlier this month I also got to take a look at two of the special boxes – which definitely seems like a ‘thing’ coming in 2014. First there was the Net a Porter Box – filled with niche brands and luxe beauty treats. Then there’s the special edition for Christmas below with the Butter London and Philip B products… a pretty impressive contents selection I think you will agree! But what’s more exciting are the new things/changes coming in 2014…


As a heads up, I already know about a special Bridal Beauty box coming in early 2014 (yes, I’m excited already!) and a special box with M&S and it’s new beauty hall selection of products… plus, the very exciting news that Glossybox is actually going to be pink AND glossy as of the New Year! I know… it’s the little things that entertain me!

But from what I can see, it’s one to watch – I suspect there may be some serious beauty box envy going on from former subscribers seeing what’s in the ones that are coming soon!

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  1. Emily Golding
    December 23, 2013 / 10:13 am

    I love everything in your regular glossybox! not sure on the razor but it’s always handy 🙂

    Emily xx

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