Does Zitsticka work?

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There’s a heck of a lot of beauty products out there these days and ultimately the biggest question around ANY product is DOES IT WORK? With so much out there and brand after brand wanting you to spend your money on THEM, you need to know what actually works. Sure, some products take a while to test but some promise speedy results. One of which that launched into the UK market recently is the spot killing spot sticker – Zitsticka. So for this post I’m going to help you answer the ultimate question: Does Zitsticka work?


I’ve had the little box fo Zitsticka ready and waiting for me for a while – eagerly waiting a suitable spot to pop up/rear it’s head in order for me to test it. I’ve never been excited for a spot to appear before… but that’s the beauty junkie in me. Excited to test a product to the point that I welcomed a spot.

And welcome I did, I took a long haul flight recently to and from Chicago and I don’t think I’ve ever take a long flight (or even a short one for that matter) without a new spot errupting. No matter how dehydrated my skin goes on a flight it also is apparently the dream conditions to spark a break out. So right on schedule one popped up on the last day and it was time to test Zitsticka as soon as I got home.

So what does it do and how does it work? It’s not quite as simple as a single sticker on a spot and off it goes. There’s a prep stage and then the spot. The ‘Cleana’ cleaning swab is the first bit. Firstly of course you clean your skin (remove makeup) and then use the wipe. The wipe is a pad with a mix of salicyclic acid, tea tree oil, vitamin E and alcohol. It has an immediate cooling/drying effect and kicks off the spot treatment with signature ingredients known for their spot beating properties.

Once you’ve used the wipe, you allow it to dry for 15-30 seconds ish. Then apply the sticker itself – called the ‘Killa’ a spot clarifying microdart patch. It It’s a clear patch with tiny little spikes (not scary spikes) to help get the ingredients into the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76. A combination unique to the Zitsticka killa patch to help deal with spots.


However, the one thing that I need to highlight about these patches is that they’re designed to deal with those spots that haven’t yet ‘popped’. The under the skin ones that haven’t actually errupted into those white-head ‘poppable’ spots. Not that I’m saying they should be popped, it goes without saying that popping is a big old no-no for skincare. I mean, I’m not here to tell you what to do – but popping a spot causes more problems than it solves so maybe try and keep those fingers away… no matter how tempting it may be.

Anyway, I digress. The Killa patch treatment is best designed for pre-peak spots, but ultimately the ingredients are all aimed at reducing redness, swelling and get rid of the spot causing nasties. However, for it to work it’s ultimate magic it will best on those early days spots.

With that in mind, I tested this on one that was pretty well established so I had to consider this as I used it at most likely not the prime time to tackle. I actually ended up using twice before writing this too. The first time I used but realised I wouldn’t really be able to leave on for enough time (they advise two hours minimum, ideally overnight). So I re-did and re-applied to use overnight.

But the big question?

Does Zitsticka work?


Well personally I’d say yes and no. Not sitting on the fence here, let me explain…

After using overnight the overall swelling has gone down so what was raised is now almost back to being flush to the skin again. There is still some redness, but not as much. However I felt like the day after I used the treatment it came back to raised again. BUT, I do feel like had I caught this at the right time it probably wouldn’t have even erupted as much as it did. My biggest error? Not taking a couple of these in my in-flight beauty bag to tackle as soon as I felt it start to rumble… I think because I missed the crucial ‘just emerging’ spot phase for the treatment it meant the Zitsticka didn’t work as effectively as I would have hoped.

The Zitsticka Killa patches are £27 (prices varies slightly per retailer) and each box contains 8 cleaning pads and 8 spot patches.

These are ideal if you overall have pretty balanced skin but are prone to the odd hormonal spot popping up. Personally I tend to have 2/3 spots which re-occur in the same areas again and again so having these in the stash are ideal. I would also say they are best used when you can use them overnight to give max opportunity to work.

A good tool to have in the skincare arsenal and tackle any pesky spots that pop up. But would definitely recommend using on first hint of a spot – don’t hesitate!

Zitsticka is available at, Cultbeauty & Net a Porter (price £27 – currently on offer at time of post going live at £21.99)


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