Bikini blitz 1: Crystal clear

The weather this week has been a welcome change to the dull dreary grey London winter, but whilst I am loving the sunshine it has also started the bikini season alarm bells ringing!

Over the next month or so, there will be regular updates on some of the best (and worst!) prepare-for-summer products, including gradual tanners, spray tans, mousse tans, scrubs, toning creams and hair removal. All with the aim of finding the best that are out there.

It is a hard life, but I will tirelessly tan, test and turn-orange, all in the name of being a beauty junkie.
The first product to help get beach-ready for Summer is Crystal Clear Body Polish (£32 for 150ml). The Body Polish isn’t cheap, but it does really feel like you are treating yourself. The polish comes in a large, pretty pot, that you would be happy to display in your bathroom.
The scrub is really fine, which is more gentle on the skin than the large grainy bits that some scrubs contain. It is best to use the scrub in the shower, but not when you are directly under the water or else your expensive scrub will wash away without doing your job. Wet skin with water first, don’t use the scrub direct onto skin as this can irritate.

The fine scrub leaves skin feeling soft and smooth- not just straight after the shower, but all day long. Yes, it is expensive- but sometimes it’s nice to have a real pampering treat.

Crystal Clear Skincare is available from Selfridges and selected House of Fraser and Fenwick stores nationwide.

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