SkinCeuticals: Phloretin CF

SkinCeuticalsPhloretin CF is the latest hot-name in the anti-oxidant fight against ageing.

Launched in the UK in March 2009, as the culmination of over five years of research, Phloretin CF contains a powerful antioxidant derived from the skin and flesh of apples along with root bark from pear and grapefruit trees. Combine pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), which has been clinically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis along with ferulic acid, a powerful plant derived antioxidant that seeks and destroys free radicals and improves the performance of vitamin C.

Phloretin CF is an anti-ageing cocktail is perfect for oily and problematic skins as well as normal skin types and contains:

  • 2% Phloretin (a natural extract, derived from apples and root bark of pear and grapefruit trees)
  • 10% L-ascorbic (the only form of Vitamin C that the body or skin can use as far as topical treatments are concerned. Vitamin C is the only antioxidant that has been proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen)
  • 0.5% Ferulic acid (a powerful plant derived antioxidant that seeks and destroys free radicals and improves the performance of vitamins C and E)

I have been using Phloretin CF for about three weeks now and can report a marked improvement in the texture of my skin. The serum comes with a pipette applicator, making me feel a little like a mad scientist when applying it- which is not a bad thing!) I would suggest only using a couple of drops if you have fairly young skin like myself, as pure vitamin C has been known to cause reactions, so take it slow and allow your skin to adapt to the concentration.

Living in London, I like to apply this product in the morning if I am heading central to offer some added anti-oxidant protection against the smog of the city (and the grimy tube air!) As Phloretin CF is a preventative serum, the true effect of this product will only show over time, so we will have to wait and see how good it really is, but in the short term I am pleased.

The point that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the price. This is not a cheap product, priced at RRP £128.00 for a 30ml bottle (eek!) but remember it is the product of over five years of research and is still a lot cheaper and less painful than botox (not that I have had botox, I am too scared of needles) but as they always say, prevention is better than a cure.


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