Rodial Glam Balm

Rodial is one of those brands that has built an amazing reputation, but sadly I have never quite been able to justify the expense of the products. Although much of the range has the pages of Grazia and other glossies raving about the results including Tummy Tuck (I really want/need to try this out, based on the amazing reviews) and Brazilian Tan (available in both light and dark) but with prices for these products along being £97.87 and £38.17 respectively, you can see why I have gone for the cheaper options…
Until now that is, through the wonders of writing about beauty I have been lucky enough to be able to try out one of Rodial’s fabulous products- ‘Glam Balm’ (which has a heart-stopping RRP of £60.68)

Ignoring the price for a moment, Glam Balm is a really good product. Like the cult-classic Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, this balm can be used for pretty much anything: as a lip balm (plumping AND moisturising lips), a wrinkle filler, add a glow to eye-lids/cheeks/wherever you want a bit of gloss.

The Glam Balm is lighter in texture than the 8-Hour Cream and instantly melts into skin on application. It can be used as an overnight skin boost and claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 30 days. When applied to lips it leaves them feeling instantly soft and smooth but without the tacky feeling of a gloss. Glam balm is also great as a smoothing hand cream- although at this point I have to bring up the price again, I can’t help but feel that £60.68 is an awful lot to spend on a hand cream (on my current budget at least!)

I can 100% see why people want to spend large sums of money on Rodial products, they are un-deniable high-quality but personally, I will have to wait a few years before I can justify the price (although I am still dying to try out the Tummy Tuck!)

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