Tried and tested: Tinted Moisturisers

I tend to switch to a lighter make-up routine for the Summer months in an attempt to pull off the ‘natural and glowing’ look, without having to resort to inches of make-up. The foundation for a minimal make-up routine is tinted moisturiser, to replace a normal foundation or alternative heavier base. Over the past few weeks I have been testing out a selection to bring you some feedback on some of the formulas available on the market at the moment.
To narrow down the judgement process for the moisturisers I have been testing I have split the ‘testing criteria’ into three categories:

Texture: how does it feel? Light/greasy/smooth….

Coverage: How effective is the coverage? Does it leave skin even?

Moisturisability: This is the category I used for my body butter testing, and seems ideal for tinted moisturisers too. Does it leave skin soft and moisturised? Still dry? Or too shiny?

For each of the above I have rated the following products out of 10, with a brief description of why I have given it that rating.

Vie at Home Sheer Protection SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser (in light) £3.67 for 30ml
Texture: This tinted moisturiser has a really light and smooth texture and melts smoothly into skin. 9/10

Coverage: Fairly light coverage, but does leave skin even which is ideal for a tinted moisturiser. 8/10

Moisturisability: Left skin feeling moisturised all day, although did need a dusting of powder to remove a little excess shin later in the day. 8/10

No 7 Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 (in medium) £10.50 for 50ml

Texture: I would probably describe this texture as ‘medium’, not as light as would expect a tinted moisturiser but not as heavy as foundation. Would suit more mature skin looking for a light summer base. 7/10

Coverage:The slightly thicker texture than the other formulas means it does offer more coverage, so this is good if you have slightly problem skin or want to conceal fine lines. 7/10

Moisturisability: Skin felt well moisturised and didn’t need to mop up shine. 9/10

Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Active Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 (in light) £49 for 50ml

Texture: Like the No 7, this had a thicker texture than I am used to for tinted moisturisers. 6/10

Coverage: Good coverage, left skin even and with a healthy ‘glow’, rather than a sheen. 8/10

Moisturisability: Really moisturising at first, but as the day wore on I felt like my skin was dryer, but it didn’t leave skin shiny so this would be a good alternative if you have oily skin and want something lighter for summer. 7/10

Guinot Institut Paris Tinted Moisturiser (in golden) £34 for 30ml

Texture: The texture of this one was fluid and light, and felt like I was barely wearing make-up. 9/10

Coverage: Despite the deceptively light texture the coverage was pretty good. The ‘golden’ shade meant meant I could skip bronzer and left me looking healthy and sunkissed. Perfect for a summer holiday- this one is coming away with me! 9/10

Moisturisability: Skin felt soft and smooth, with no sheen all day long. Ideal. 10/10

Of course, this review only covers the four that I have tested- do you have a favorite? What other brands would you recommend?

Post comments below for your personal recommendations.

For a twit pic of the packaging for each of the above, click here.

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