Britney Spears Circus Fantasy: Fragrance Review

I have done a few fragrance reviews before and every time I have to include the ‘disclaimer’ that fragrance is such a personal thing, I would always make sure you have a good sniff of any fragrance you are interested in before parting with your hard earned cash, this really is just common sense but I felt I had to mention it before launching into my thoughts on Britney’s latest fragrance offering.

So onto the review, I was sent Britney’s latest by the lovely Superdrug PR’s to test out and share my thoughts on. Britney’s various perfume launches have had a mixed response in the past, so I was interested to see how this one compared.

I actually really like Britney’s ‘Believe’ perfume, I was given this as a birthday present by my brother and managed to work my way through a whole bottle in about six months, so I do have a bit of ‘history’ with her perfumes. I also own ‘Hidden Fantasy’, as this was a freebie when I subscribed to Cosmopolitan – I don’t mind this one, but don’t love it.

Anyway, so there’s the brief background to my experience with Britney’s perfumes, and now onto Circus Fantasy. Firstly, the bottle is fantastically tacky. This is not a bad thing, I think it’s kinda fab. The spherical, bright turquoise, bottle is dotted with red diamante – a gorgeous kitsch, girly ball of tackiness.

So onto the fragrance, the first thing that I notice is that it is sweet. REALLY sweet. I think this fits in with the younger audience they are targeting with the fragrances, so not necessarily a bad thing. Having said that, this isn’t as sickly sweet as the ‘Hidden Fantasy’ version and seems to have a bit of a citrus edge to it. Now I am no professional nose, but just describing how I smell it.

Having worn the perfume for about three days I do really like it at first but have a real issue with the staying power. It just doesn’t last. I’m not just talking about the whole work day either, but it barely lasts a journey into work. I appreciate that your nose gets ‘used’ to some fragrances and can stop smelling them after a while, but I really think this one had worn off ridiculously quickly – I actually had to apply it twice just before leaving the house as in the brief time since the first spritz I couldn’t smell it anymore, which was a bit of a pain and the complete opposite to the ‘Hidden Fantasy’ perfume, which lingers a little longer than you would probably want it to…

So there you go, there are my thoughts on the latest Britney perfume ‘Circus Fantasy’, it’s nice but probably not worth writing home about. Personally, I’m going to stock up on ‘Believe’ instead – so Brit, you can get it right with perfumes, perhaps stick to the fresher smells rather than the sickly sweet in future?

Britney Spears Circus Fantasy can be found at Superdrug


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  1. veron
    October 21, 2010 / 4:05 am

    Fantasy fragrances blogs are one of my favorite one and this is no difference. Surprisingly I found this blog via google where i was searching for fantasy fragrances and really like to say its much of value.

    I bought few britney spears fantasy perfumes and I love them all.

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