Rush Hair, Kings Cross: Review

On Friday last week I went along to the Rush Salon in Kings Cross to have my hair cut and coloured. This was my first visit to a Rush Salon, but had heard some really good things about friends who had been along to other branches of Rush and really liked it – so I was really excited to go see for myself what the fuss was about.
So after a bit of a manic morning attempting to finish Christmas shopping (which did NOT go well) it was a welcome treat to head to the salon. When I arrived I was introduced to Des, my hairdresser, who was lovely.
The first thing that stood out to me was the approach that Des took. Rather than the usual “So, what are we doing today?” question – to which I normally answer “Erm, I don’t really mind” (whilst thinking – surely you are the expert and you should be suggesting things???). Des asked me to describe how I feel about my hair, tell her a bit about my lifestyle, how often I wear my hair up, how often I straighten it and if I could change one thing about my hair, what would it be.
This approach was so much easier for me to explain how I feel about my hair and for her to get a clear picture of me as a client really quickly.
So after establishing that I feel very ‘blah’ (yes, that is an emotion when it comes to hair) we could get on with the fun bit of the whole process, which was to include:
– A protein treatment (before and after colouring to prepare hair and to leave it in good condition)
– A scalp treatment (I have a sensitive scalp)
– Half a head of highlights
– All over glossing treatment (to make the hair look healthy and lift it by around half a shade)
– Hair cut (of course!)
Des was really good at talking through the colour chart, explaining the different colour choices and how they would work with my skin tone – choosing a very pale, cool blond and a darker golden shade to add some depth and contrast. Once the highlights were in, the glossing treatment was covered all over my hair and I was left under the UFO-like heated contraption in the picture. I do like this bit, toasty warm!
Once the highlights were ready, they were taken out and rinsed followed by another protein treatment and the soothing scalp treatment. This is the BEST part of the whole thing – the head massage, honestly – is there anything more relaxing?
Then onto the cut. Des talked through everything she was doing, including checking with me how much length she was planning to cut off and how short she was going to go with the layers. This was very much appreciated, as previously I have had too short layers and it’s looked a bit ‘mullet’, not a look I was aiming for. When it came to my fringe, I was feeling a bit indecisive about going for a full fringe again or sticking with the grown out length, so I can tuck it behind my ears. Decided to keep it long, and think this was the right choice – it has taken me so long to grow it out that it would be a bit foolish to cut it off again. Picture below is ‘before’ (the cropped pic) and ‘after’, taken back at home. I love how much brighter my hair looks, thanks to the glossing treatment.

The overall ambiance of the salon was lovely, if fairly generic. It wasn’t anything dramatically different or worth writing home about. But it was bright, clean and all the staff were friendly and they had a nice spattering of Christmas songs in between the normal pop music – much better than crimbo overload. Complementary drinks and pretzels to nibble on where very welcome – and I probably munched and glugged my way through a few too many of these (I was thirsty after running around Oxford Street!).
Another plus was that I didn’t get the hard-sell with the various products that Rush sell, but Des did talk me through a couple that she recommended for my hair type and specifically one that would work for my hair and scalp – which I did buy at the end as it really is a nightmare trying to find a shampoo that treats rather than just strips my scalp, whilst not ruining my hair.

Would I go back? Yep, definitely. I am actually planning to book a return trip for my next hair trim and the boyfriend is thinking of going there for his next cut too. I really loved the all over clear gloss treatment and would definately go for this treatment again.
One of the best things about RUSH is that they regularly have deals and offers on. Recently there was a 30% off colours deal – and I’m sure there will be more deals on in January.
**The Small Print**
The treatments in this review were provided free of charge for review purposes. All reviews are honest and impartial.


  1. December 18, 2009 / 3:16 am

    awesome!!! so pretty!! and nice salon…lol looks like a way better more nice salon than mines lol..thanks for sharing 🙂

    love your blogalways

    happy holidays!!
    talk to u soon~

  2. Svenja
    February 25, 2010 / 10:27 am


    You hair looks very nice 🙂 Could you please tell me, how much did it cost? I’m looking for a good, not to expensive hair dresser near Kings Cross…


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