Something for the weekend… My Face Blingtones

I was sent a few bits from the My Face range before Christmas, including a selection of the Blingtones eye shadows.

The first thing to say about these shadows is that they are VERY pretty to look at – gorgeous colours that shimmer. They are are packed with glitter, and perfect for anyone looking for a total D-I-S-C-O type of look.Personally, taking the step from oohing and aahing at the prettiness to actually wearing them is quite a leap. This is probably why it has taken me a while to get round to reviewing these, I have been happy to look at them and bask in the sparkle, but when it came to actually using them on my face I went on the safe side and always stuck to my favoured neutrals. Colours this bright and sparkly are intimidating if you aren’t used to colour!

Through the wonderful world of blogging I know there are loads of gorgeous girls out there who are a lot braver than me when it comes to colour and I really envy the stunning looks they create with brights and aim to build myself up to adding more colour into my make-up life. I am getting there – I have been wearing bright turquoise liner… but it’s a slow process!Anyway, enough waffle about me – back to the blingtones. The three colours (left to right) are: morococo (their spelling, not mine), Caribbean queen, and crystalline green. And yes, they are BLING-TASTIC.

Blingtones (no flash)

Blingtones (with flash)

Blingtones swatches (no flash)
bottom to top-morococo, caribbean queen, crystalline green.

So what do I think….

Well, as I said these are very bling-tastic and to be honest, as pretty as they are, they aren’t my sort of thing. I would love to wear them, but glitter just doesn’t make it’s way into my life very often. These are extremely glittery shadows (as you would expect from the name), and as happens with pretty much any glitter shadow, there is a pretty significant amount of fall out – both when you apply them, and under the eye area as you wear them.

The pigmentation isn’t bad, but with the amount of glitter in each it can be a little hard for the colour to show through as vibrant as it does in the pan. They do look more impressive in the pan than they do on skin.

I do however really like the packaging of these shadows, although not overly exciting but the clear plastic is solid and feels fairly expensive (and is a little Shu Umeura-esque) I feel like the packaging would be really sturdy and survive being toted around in a make-up bag.

So overall, these are nice shadows but not for me. If you are more of a colour/glitter person then what do you think? Have you tried anything from the My Face range?

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  1. March 14, 2010 / 10:16 am

    I think those are gorgeous! Especially morococo. Any idea where I can buy them? Maybe superdrug?

  2. March 14, 2010 / 10:58 am

    They are available in Boots stores I think – each single shadow is priced £9.99 (acording to the website)

  3. March 14, 2010 / 10:18 pm

    I have morococo in a trio with 2 less glitter-tastic eyeshadows, and it is gorgeous. I haven’t found the fall-out too bad if its over a decent base either. I may take the plunge and try some of the brighter colours in the summer (I feel like glitter is more acceptable in the summer for some reason….)! I have tried a myface foundation though that I’ve not been too impressed with, so I think I might stick with the eyeshadows.

    xx Ellie xx

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