A tale of waxing, wahanda and Amara Spa in Fulham

Waxing, pretty much the most un-pleasant experience in the beauty world. But it has to be done (if you chose this sort of hair removal, that is) so on a regular basis I pop along to various salons around London to get myself de-fuzzed. So on these various escapades I have come across a range of experiences and to be totally frank – pretty much all of them have left me somewhat disappointed.

I will accept some responsibility for this, as I have learnt over the years – you get what you pay for when it comes to salons and trying to scrimp and save on something like nail extensions can be a big mistake. Once when I was at university I paid £10 for some acrylic nails, applied at the local salon by a camp male barber – he clearly had either only just learnt or had taught himself as my nails were a total mess. I ended up going back (after a few girly tears) and asking for a refund and for them to be taken off.

Despite this sort of experience, I still seem to think that there are times when the cheaper option is preferable. Especially when it comes to something as essential and un-pleasant as waxing I really resent handing over huge chunks of cash. So, as a result of this I have gone to all sorts of lengths not to pay £40 for a basic wax treatment only to be then subjected to poor customer service and very poor results – which have included, but not been limited to: bruises, top layers of skin being burnt, and most disappointingly – hair still being left behind!

This weekend though I was lucky to experience the complete opposite when I went to Amara Spa in Fulham. Thanks to the wonderful beauty-bargain website wahanda.com I bought the 2 wax treatments for £20 mob deal to use before my holiday. I booked in for a full leg wax and bikini and the whole experience was pretty darn good – I’m not going to say I loved it, because after all it was still waxing, which pretty much always sucks. But the therapist (her name was Louise and I would specifically request her again) was fabulous – friendly and chatty, but not too much. She was very good at explaining all the steps of the waxing to make sure I was prepared – a good quality as you never know how experienced the customer is at this sort of thing. Best of all though, she did a great job – really paid attention to detail, not leaving a stray hair behind at all… and that’s what matters.

The Amara Spa in general is lovely, clean and simple with nicely sized rooms and lots of treatments on offer. Slightly awkward location for me since I live in North London, but if you live locally I would suggest you check it out. I would be happy to take  the trip (which actually isn’t bad as it’s very near to the tube and very simple to find) again for the quality of the service and results.

I would also say that you are a complete mug if you don’t register with wahanda so you are emailed information about the mob deals – with one this week for £20 of salon treatments, for just £2 – you seriously have a screw loose if you don’t at least visit the site once! For the two waxing treatments I had I would have paid around £74 for, full price – instead I paid £20.

**The Small Print**

All treatments mentioned paid for by myself thanks to a wahanda mob deal bargain.


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