Dove Body Wash

Ok, so Body Wash isn’t quite the most exciting thing about beauty. But these new Dove Body Wash versions are rather ace. It was a few weeks ago now where I was invited out to discover a little more about the new formula Dove have been working on to launch these new variants of the Dove Body Wash. And whilst I’m no scientist, basically they’re designed to lather really well, with a foam that lasts without sucking moisture from the skin. The end result being – really soft and smooth skin that’s really hydrated.

Dove Body Wash

As someone with really dry skin year-round, I am in a habit of daily moisturising. I feel this is necessary for me and without it my skin feels tight and generally not very happy. But with these, I’ve been finding if I’m in a hurry I can skip moisturising and get on with my day without being left with tight uncomfortable skin all day long. Also, along with the new formula Dove have launched their first exfoliating body wash formula. It’s a very gentle exfoliator – so not a harsh pre-fake-tan scrub, but a light scrub to just give a little extra oomph to your morning shower routine.

Dove Body Wash

As with all Dove products, they have totally nailed the gorgeous fresh scent. There’s something about the original Dove fragrance that I love, just so creamy and fresh. So I’m basically won over my everything that smells close to this. Both versions here smell gorgeous, with the darker blue packaging having the original scent and the lighter blue being a little fresher. Both lovely though.

Anything that can make my day a little quicker is a winner in my eyes. Oh, and because the lather lasts these work well as a double up for shaving legs too…

Dove Body Wash available from Boots – in a whole host of fragrances, all with the new nutrium moisture formula.

*Indicates PR sample or gift.


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