John Frieda Root Awakening hair care review

So here is the first of my series of weekly posts relating to different hair care routines. Before I became totally overwhelmed with new bits to try I was using this set of three products that I picked up in Boots on a 3 for 2 offer (so cost around £10-12 ish in total). Products include:

– Strength Infusing Shampoo for dry hair
– Strength Infusing Conditioner for dry hair
– Strength Boosting Leave-in Spray for all hair types (with thermo protection)

I had been using these for about three weeks already so felt in a pretty good position to share my thoughts. 

What I like:

– The smell – it’s minty fresh, but not in-your-face mint, it’s a fresh ‘garden mint’ scent rather than packet of extra strong mints breath.
– The effect on my scalp – my scalp seems to love these products. It’s normally a bit sensitive/generally misbehaves with me, but with these it seems very happy. Massive plus points for this
– Effect – hair feels silky smooth and lovely after using these. Looks pretty healthy too.

What I don’t like:

– Lack of volume – I may have been expecting too much, but when I read ‘root awakening’ I couldn’t help but expect some sort of healthy volume. This didn’t happen for me, my hair wasn’t weighed down as such, just felt a little on the flat side.

Over all:

Generally very impressed, but not blown away. I would happily buy again though, especially since my scalp likes them. I am probably most impressed with the leave-in spray, I didn’t expect this to be that impressive for some reason (I considered it the ‘number 3 freebie in the 3 for 2 if you know what I mean…I only chose it because it was free) but I like it a lot. It seems to really make a difference to my scalp and hair health.

**The Small Print**

Bought these myself.


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