Organic Surge Fresh Grapefruit Conditioner

I have been testing a few all-natural/organic products recently including the Think Happy Organic Surge Fresh Grapefruit Conditioner (£4.88). I was on the hunt for fruity beauty products when I came across this one and have been testing it out for a couple of weeks now.

I have a mixed opinion of this conditioner, to start with the positive- I love the result it has on my hair. Leaving it smooth and silky and not weighed down.

But on the down side I am really not keen on the smell. I do find that fragrance is a really subjective thing, but I just don’t detect ‘fresh grapefruit’ in this at all, instead I smell something that seems to remind me of my Grandma’s old peoples home…

Normally fresh grapefruit is, quite a ‘fresh’ citrus scent and perhaps the organic factor means that all the normal chemicals and preservatives that help create the normal grapefruit smell I am used to have been replaced with something more authentic, that takes a bit of getting used to?

Anyway, despite the smell I have still found myself using this on a daily basis- so go out there and give it a sniff yourself and see what you think. Personally, next time I will probably go for the citrus mint….


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  1. June 17, 2009 / 11:06 am

    glad you enjoyed our fresh grapefruit conditioner
    (i think that the citrus mint smell’s better!)
    bring on healthy hair that feels smooth and looks silky
    we’re excited about launching our new range this summer so stay tuned
    thanks for sharing the love x

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