Unisex Cologne: Eau Des Minimes

Eau De MinimesCouvent Des Minimes is a new brand and quite an interesting one – in short (you can read the full history on the brand website – link at the bottom) it’s a brand that has grown from monastic heritage from the Minim brothers who were botanist monks who studied and grew many beneficial plants around the convent garden in the 17th century. Then through the history of the Convent over the years went through many changes until in 1999 it stopped operating as a convent before being closed and refurbished and opened as a health and well being spa. Quite a change from two brothers cultivating a garden back centuries before! But now the brand of Couvent Des Minimes has launched pulling together both the monastic heritage of the beneficial plants the monks used to grow and the spa and wellness element of the Couvent Des Minimes as it is today.

One of the core products to the brand is the Eau Des Minimes Cologne – a unisex cologne that used the “Eau Miraculeuse” combination that is a blend of Citrus Fruit, Rosemary & Eau de Vie – that then developed into the term “cologne”. The Cologne Eau Des Minimes is a blend of the original recipe:

• Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Lemon: Refreshing

• Rosemary: Revitalising

• Wild Pansy, Lemon Balm: Moisturising

• Burdock: Fortifying

• Mallow: Soothing

• Neroli, Benzoin: Sources of well-being

The overall result being a scent that’s a refreshing citrus one that’s bright and awakening. A good one if you struggle to wake in the morning. If fresh citrus scents aren’t for you, then you could check out the three other scents from the brand – Botanical Recipe of Love (a more typically feminine scent with orange blossom – a traditional scent associated with love & marriage), Botanical Recipe of the Cloister (this one sounds really interesting as it’s a blend of rose and more woody scents) or Botanical Recipe of the Morning (also sounds interesting, a blend of orange and lemon but then with fig, basil, cedar and musk to tone it down).

At £19 for 100ml it’s a decent value fragrance – one to be used liberally all over rather than intense on pulse points. Overall, this is a really interesting brand – very unusual with a unique story. I’ll be interested to see what they do in 2015! I reckon this is a brand my mum would really like actually, so might be a good option for Mother’s Day gifts too.

Le Couvent Des Minimes * is available online and from Boots.com

 *Indicates PR sample or gift. 



  1. January 13, 2015 / 3:56 pm

    I love citrusy scents! The packaging looks very pretty too.

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