Minty fresh and Naked

Summer, the time to get naked.

No, I’m not being rude, but I am recommending a fabulous range of products from the brand, Naked. The range is 97% natural and suitable for vegetarians and promises that they don’t test their products on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy so animal lovers can rejoice and get Naked (still not being rude).

The Balance Recovered Deep Cleanse Shampoo (£3.91 from Boots) contains peppermint leaf and sorrel leaf extracts to deeply cleanse hair and remove build up and toxins that can leave hair lank and lifeless. The mint and sorrel leaf combine to create a fresh and herby scent that is sweet without being overpowering. The shampoo smells of fresh mint, but is ‘fresher’ than some mint products out there that are so minty they leave a tingle.

The detox shampoo does leave hair squeaky clean and unlike some shampoo’s my hair felt soft without following with a deep conditioner.

For more information on the range go to or alternatively become a facebook fan ) or follow on Twitter page I do like a brand that is keeping up with the social networking trends….


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