Another day, another tan review

Yep, I am still testing out self-tan lotions on the diligent hunt for the perfect one. I have found some good contenders so far (Famous Dave’s and Spa Paridisa being the top-rated so far) but that doesn’t stop the search.

Vie at Home (ex-Virgin Vie) have a range of self-tanners across the brand including both gradual, instant and wear-off depending on what level and permanence of tan you are looking for. I have been testing out the Sunshine Skin, a wear-off tanner. Sunshine skin comes in the ‘traditional’ lotion formula that isn’t tinted, so maybe not the tan-of-choice for first-timers, but saying that- this was actually very easy to apply and I found that my skin was left both moisturised and pretty much streak-free, although I still had the issues around my feet that I just cant seem to avoid.

The colour was definitely on the subtle side, so this would be a good product if you are pale or want to build a tan over a couple of applications but don’t have the patience for a gradual tanner.

The thing that was most striking about the Sunshine Skin was the smell, it really reminded me of CK-One! (I just had another sniff now, and was temporarily transformed back to my teens) The CK-One scent does get taken over by the fake-tan odour, as with most tanners but it is refreshing to have something fairly pleasant to smell when you are applying. It doesn’t hurt that the bottle is quite pretty too, like all the Vie at Home packaging.

Sunshine Skin (£12.75 for 125ml) for more info visit: (there is a sale on at the moment so stock up!)

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  1. Linda
    June 26, 2009 / 5:44 pm

    Surprised you say it’s not tinted as I used it this morning and it’s dark brown (similar to St. Tropez) so you can see exactly where it’s going! Great colour and looks really natural…

    Have you tried Summertime Skin from VIE at home for a gradual taner? It really is easy to apply and looks like the real thing!

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