Fragrance review: Narciso Rodriguez ‘Essence’

Let me first start by saying that fragrance is one of those very difficult things to review as smell is such a subjective area of beauty. Can I also qualify this review by saying that I am by no means a ‘professional nose’ and that this ‘review’ is wholly based on my own personal opinions and that if you do like the sound of what you read I suggest you go out and smell the fragrance for yourself rather than take a leap of faith and buy-before-you-sniff.

OK, after that ‘legal disclaimer’ introduction, I can move on to talking about the new Narciso Rodriguez fragrance ‘Essence’.

First impressions count with a new perfume, and this one does not disappoint, with a simply-elegant box, that opens to a beautiful chrome and glass bottle that is smooth, streamlined and generally rather gorgeous (see the picture, although this doesn’t quite do it justice) and not to be too perfume-speak cheesy, the bottle does reflect the sensuality that the perfume is trying to capture. What I am essentially trying to say is that the bottle is very pretty, so at least if someone buys you this fragrance as a gift and the smell isn’t your thing you can still proudly display it as bathroom-decor (the bottle is designed by award-winning Ross Lovegrove, industrial designer, so it is no surprise that it is beautiful).

Having said that, the smell is also rather gorgeous and since the bottle arrived at my door last week I have used this every day. As I said at the beginning, I am no professional nose but sniffing this perfume the main things I could smell are something that reminded me of talcum powder, something floral and yet something that had a hint of masculinity. This almost matches up with the PR-spiel that describes the perfume as: “notes of rose petals, powder notes of iris and hints of amber resulting in a floral, powdery musc fragrance.” Not bad for an amateur!

The eaudeparfume is £50 for 50ml for more information go to


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