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Ok, first things first – every time I think of Macnificent Me I also think of Despicable Me. Different things. But just putting that out there before I launch into my full review. But now I have that out the way, we can chat about the MAC Macnificent Me Collections – a little context first. The MAC Macnificent Me collections came out of a contest MAC ran where they ended up with six winners who are ‘truly 100% M·A·Cnificent’. These winners are all playing their part as the faces of the Autumn colour collection. The idea of each of these people is that they are individual and they each shine in their own way – with their own different styles and personalities.


What has come out of the fall collection is a range of products and shades that cover basically everything from bright and bold colours to simple, pretty neutrals. I have a selection here that cover off the different looks worn by each of the MACnificent winners. Including two purple Mattene lipsticks (matte but moisturising – WIN) some eye shadows and a classic lipstick.


First up the two eyeshadows – Everyone’s Darling (a deep burgundy matte) and Cheer Me On (bright orange matte). Everyone’s Darling looks redder in the pan than it does applied. A lovely Autumn shade thanks to the warm reddy tones. The matte finish is also is ‘totes on trend’ this season. I mean it is, but I can’t help writing that with a tonne of sarcasm as it’s such a cliche. The orange is a bolder colour – but actually looks like when blended out with Everyone’s Darling as an Autumn combo of colours. It does look a touch softer applied than in the pan – but it is one not for the faint of heart.



Then we have three lip colours – one lipstick ‘My Inner Femme’ and two Mattene lipcolours ‘Strutting Fabulous’ and ‘Own The Look’.

My Inner Femme – An amplified finish and a bright shade. I think Amplified could be my favourite finish family in the MAC lipstick range. This is a pretty intense orange-red shade but with a silky moisturising finish, which does make it a tad easier to wear than say Morange or other intense reddy orange shades from the brand. I really love an orange red lipstick, I think they’re flattering and a modern way to wear a classic red lip.

Strutting Fabulous – The lighter of the purple shades in the collection. More like a light lilac than a paler purple. The finish of these is really lovely – if you want the matte lip but want a moisturising lip colour too then totally give these a try. Big thumbs up from me (and my eternally parched lips).

Own The Look – The deeper purple of the two I have to show you (there’s also another purple in the collection). As much as this is no subtle lip colour. I really love a purple lip – which may be surprising as someone who opts towards the nude side of things make-up wise more than I do the bold. But I do indeed really like a purple shade of lipstick, especially when it’s darker (I blame MAC for this actually as it was Men Love Mystery that swung me).




It’s a big collection – with six ‘faces of’ and the products to go along with each one. There’s really a huge range of colours from the boldest to the most neutral. My top pick of the selection I have here? The ‘My Inner Femme’ lipstick, can’t beat a classic reddy orange.

There’s a whole host more information about the whole campaign on the dedicated website:

MACnificent Me * is available now from Selfridges 

*PR sample or gift.



  1. November 7, 2015 / 6:01 pm

    That red lip colour is to die for, and you can never have too many lipsticks!!


  2. November 7, 2015 / 8:40 pm

    I love the look of the purple lipsticks! The orange eyeshadow looks rather interesting. I can’t even imagine how that would look on the eyes!
    Louise |

  3. November 8, 2015 / 1:34 am

    There really is such a large variety of colors in this collection! I’m really loving that Cheer Me On shadow, it’s a such nice color but still looks different then other oranges I already have in my collection.

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