Miss Cole Soft Wear Body Lotion

Time to rejoice, it’s not a nail post!

This time it’s a body moisturiser that I’ve been enjoying using for the past month or so. This one is called Soft Wear and it’s from the rather bargainous ‘Miss Cole’ range that’s available in Superdrug. What’s even better is that this pink bottle of skin-softening goodness only costs £2.50. Yep, that’s right – not a typo, £2.50. Gotta love a bargain.

The lotion is light and easily absorbed – the smell is neutral enough not to interfere with perfume but it does have a scent. As with any fragrance, it’s a very personal thing and what one person loves another will hate – I think this one smells of Royal Jelly – so if this isn’t your thing, then this won’t be the product for you. But if you love it then you will probably be pretty chuffed to have found it at this price.

One thing to note is that this moisturiser does contain mineral oil. I know some people aren’t fans of this so whilst it doesn’t bother me, I should put it out there in case that’s a make-or-break ingredient for you.

My favourite thing about this range is the packaging and despite not being an overly girly-girl (despite the beauty obsession) I love the hot pink bottle with blue lid.

The clashing colours and funked-up old-school style of the bottle means that the Miss Cole range is a budget-friendly way to get your hands of a bit of the retro-beauty style trend.

I’ve also had a sniff of the shower gel from the range as there was a sneakily opened bottle in Superdrug (promise it wasn’t me – most of them are sealed to prevent leaks!) and love it. Very refreshing.

Miss Cole is available from Superdrug or online HERE.

**The Small Print**

Sent as PR sample for review.


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  1. Anonymous
    December 17, 2011 / 12:10 am

    i got given the lotion bath and lipgloss set as a secret santa present and i LOVE IT. love the way it has creme brulée scent omg YUMMY

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