The Big British Beauty Poll PART 2

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Back in September I posted about The Big British Beauty Poll… that was on the hunt for responses. Well, the poll has been counted and the results are in. Not just any poll, but a poll with a whopping 20,000 consumer responses. Covering everything from spending habits, to beauty icons to views on cosmetic surgery. Here are a few of my personal highlights of the census:

  • Classic beauty: Audrey Hepburn continues to come out on top as ‘the most iconic beauty of all time’.
  • Not just a pretty face: Us British women aren’t just pretty faces, 62% want to see ‘clinically proven to work through research’ as a top motivator for anti ageing purchases. 
  • Beauty wishes: Having endless good skin days is top of the list when it comes to our beauty wishes, even on top of good hair days.
  • Money, money, money: According to the poll, £23 is the average monthly spend of the British woman… I’m sure mine is in that region too….ahem….
As part of the survey there was also a great big consumer survey of Olay’s latest anti-ageing innovation ‘Olay Regenerist 3-Point Super Serum’ of the 13,000 strong consumer test a huge 98% of respondents would recommend the serum to a friend.
This isn’t all when it comes to the results, the feedback doesn’t stop at the end of the survey – Olay are doing a LIVE wave cast where they will be discussing the results of the beauty poll. If you want to get involved then the details are below:
When? Thursday 25th November 2010
What time? 16:00
I’ll be checking out the discussion, will you?
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