Almay Wake Up Make Up: Review

Way back in the Spring, when I went to America for a friend’s wedding I picked up a pot of Almay Wake Up Make-Up, but it’s taken me until very recently to try this out. I really wish I hadn’t waited as long, because I’m really liking it!

Almay Wake Up Make-Up
The number one thing that it made me think of is the MAC Magically Cool powder I reviewed in October last year. The Almay Wake-Up make-up has the same refreshing, cooling, wet-sensation as the MAC Magically Cool Powder, it also has the same slight shimmer to add a glow too. It feels lovely to use, I wish I had tried it out earlier in the Summer – it would have been a Summer staple!
The picture below is using just the Almay Wake Up Make Up base as foundation, with a bit of concealer under the eyes. I really like how it photographs, it strikes that lovely balance between being matte but having a glow, and not being flat. It buffs in just like a mineral powder foundation, I did use a larger powder brush than the smaller one that came with it. 
That being said, I think the little brush is actually really clever with the decent sized (with nice and soft bristles), foundation brush hidden away in a retractable brush that stows away conveniently in the lid. 
Also, because of the cooling/moisturising sensation – it does hydrate skin really well, I found this especially around the eye area. Fine lines are far less obvious with this than with more drying foundations.
It’s a significantly cheaper dupe of the MAC Magically Cool powder, well worth picking up if you can track it down online with delivery to the UK – even if just to try out the cooling, wet powder, sensation.
The only downside for me is that I’m not a lover of all over shimmer for daytime, whilst it works great for photos – I don’t love it in bright daylight. But for a glow at night, it’s great. Or in moderation for daytime it’s ok.
I found a link on Amazon to where you can purchase (for around $10) & have delivered to the UK (although it is so delivery charges will be a bit higher: Almay Wake-up Hydrating Makeup

Bought me me.

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  1. Aylush
    September 13, 2011 / 11:03 pm

    Sleek also do a version of this if you want to avoid international shipping 🙂

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