Katy Perry California Dreams Tour

Is it just me or is it pop-diva tour central in London at the moment? Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney… all doing the rounds recently!

I’m a bit of a pop-puppet to be honest, as much as I like all sorts of music (some that’s far cooler) I can’t resist a bit of a pop tune I’ve discussed my love of Britney in the past, but it’s not limited to Britters…

I love how Kary Perry isn’t afraid to look a bit silly when performing…
she doesn’t take herself too seriously! 

I’m also partial to a bit of Katy Perry, so when the lovely folk at GHD asked if I fancied going to see her at the O2 (as Katy Perry is the face of GHD.. as mentioned here)  I was really excited! Only slight obstacle was that I had to convince the boyfriend to join me… but I managed and along we went to the impressive O2 venue.

Our seats were up in the fourth level,  so please forgive my not so great pics… but here are a few shots from the concert. She really is a fab performer, her costumes are awesome and she really can sing!

Personal favourite tunes have to be… Teenage Dream and Alien (which you can click through for a bit of a perk me up listen to below).

They just make me want to dance around like a loon!

For more information on Katy Perry and GHD visit the GHD website.

I was a guest of GHD at Katy Perry.



  1. October 31, 2011 / 1:12 pm

    Great post!
    Such an amazing tour :Dxx

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