Recent purchases…Forever 21 and Primark

In the spirit of mixing it up a bit I decided to do a post on a few recent purchases I have made… none of them are wildly exciting, and most of them are from cheap-as-chips Primark but decided to share them with you all anyway…
First up, every now and then I get a craving for a cheap clothing fix and head to Primark to satisfy that craving. Where I used to work, there was a Primark very close and I had been known to pop in on a daily basis (just for entertainment at lunchtime) but now it’s a bit of a longer walk I don’t go as often.
This time I picked up two cosy jumpers and an animal print slouchy blouse.

The grey jumper is a size too big but I wanted it to be cosy so don’t mind. It’s a longer length (see pic below) so might even be worn as a jumper dress. We will see. I love the bright red jumper but feel a bit too festive when I try to wear it at the moment – what should I wear with it so I don’t fell like fancy dress Santa?!

Red jumper from Primark (£8)

Primark Animal Print Shirt (£10)

Primark Grey Jumper (£10)

The animal shirt I absolutely love. It’s sheer and is a slouchy over-sized shape, with roll up sleeves. I’ve been looking for an animal print shirt for a while and pleased I spotted this – at £10 it’s cheap and I don’t mind as the animal print thing probably won’t be a lasting obsession. Only downside is that (in typical cheap Primark style) one of the hems has come loose, but I reckon I can fix it with a bit of needle and thread…

I also paid a little visit to Forever 21 last week. It’s actually been a while since I’ve been in there and whilst it is a bit hit and miss I do usually find one or two things I really like. This time I found another animal print item… this time and orangey-red jumper (which is a fine knit but still quite thick and warm) plus a couple of necklaces that I love.

I normally talk myself out of buying jewellery from Forever 21 or other high street stores as it has the tendency to turn my skin green or just wear really quickly so it looks crappy. But I couldn’t resist these two items.

Long gold chain with key necklace (about £4) I have a bit of a thing for key necklaces and I wanted something gold on a long chain. I liked this because it didn’t look or feel as cheap and plastic as a lot of the chain necklaces I’ve seen in the past.

And short chain, tiny hearts necklace (about £3) As soon as I saw this one I knew I had to buy it. Not that it’s my usual style or anything, but I just loved how tiny the little row of hearts was – they looked really delicate, plus I like it as little pop of colour.

What have been your recent purchases?? What’s on your wish list…?

All bought by me.


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