Beauty box stand-out products: December 2011

Before I launch into this post, I’d like to ask your views on something… beauty boxes. Obviously there are a load of them on the market now, but I wanted to ask what you think of how I am thinking of writing about them. I’m keen not to do just a post on ‘What’s in my…’ each month, but rather wait a bit, use the products and then pick my stand out ones for the month.

This is what I’m doing here, the products are from a couple of boxes (Glossy Box December and Jolie Box December) and will include pictures of what’s in the box, but I don’t really just want to list what was in them, I want to highlight my favourites – after I’ve had a bit of time to actually play with the products and see what I really think. 

Let me know what you think on this approach, if you just want to see what’s in the box then I can still do that, but figured that if you read more than just this blog you’re likely to have seen a few similar posts by the time mine goes up! For this review there will be the pictures of what’s in each of the boxes, but I won’t be going into detail about each product. For potential future posts, I might just focus on my favourite product?

Anyway, comment below and let me know what you think! And back to my picks of the December boxes…

Jolie Box:

First up, my pick from the December Jolie Box (previously Boudoir Prive) has to be the full sized OPI shatter polish in Gold.

I normally really don’t like shatter polishes – but something about the gold really appealed. So I tried applying it on it’s own rather than as a top coat, and a few coats later I had lovely sparkly gold nails, without a crack or shatter in sight. Throw on a top coat and it’s fabulous! The gold does dry to a bit of a matte finish, so needs a top coat. But overall, I have a gorgeous gold (full sized) OPI. Happy days.

I should mention that on first impression, opening my Jolie Box,  I liked the New CID lip gloss as my stand-out product. But when I used it I realised the wand/brush bristles were all frayed and sticking out all over, so it made it a bit of a mess to apply. So whilst the colour is lovely, I prefer the sponge style wands for lip gloss application. So that made my decision for me, my standout is the OPI (but as an all over colour rather than shatter top coat).

Glossy Box

Onto the next box, the December Glossy Box – my pick from the box has to be the Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Mousse. I was going to go with the Deborah Lipman, but I can’t always choose nail varnish!

I do have to slightly caveat this stand out product… there were also some lovely Blinc and Go make-up palettes in some people’s December Glossy Boxes. I got to try these because I spent an afternoon filming a video with Glossy Box and loved them, there’s a gorgeous neutrals/shimmering metallic palette that’s absolutely lovely. But I can’t technically include it as my pick as it wasn’t in my box!

So based on those decision making factors, my favourite is the shower mousse, I tried another of the Rituals mousses a month or so ago and loved it, and this one smells just as amazing – so I was very happy to find a lovely full sized one in my Glossy Box.

So there we have it… my stand out products of December 2011 beauty boxes:

Jolie Box December: OPI Gold Shatter Polish
Glossy Box December: Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Foam

Along with the products I loved, I should very quickly mention the ones I’d skip…  for Jolie Box it has to be the tea, I’m just not a tea-drinker and for Glossy Box it would be the shimmery Cargo lip gloss, just because I don’t really like glitter in lip gloss. But as with any of these sample-delivery box things, there will always be ones you love and ones you are a bit ‘meh’ about!

Overall though, I was really impressed with the contents for both boxes this month… as always, curious to see what they include next! The surprise of opening them has to be the most exciting part of a beauty box delivery!

Both boxes were PR samples.



  1. Sandra3619
    January 15, 2012 / 11:20 am

    Now that is a great review, thank you!!

    This please!!! @ I want to highlight my favourites – after I’ve had a bit of time to actually play with the products and see what I really think.

  2. Robyn
    January 15, 2012 / 12:13 pm

    I really like this idea. Often people do “what’s in my box?” and although I love reading them, I sometimes want to know a little more about the product. I’ve done one box review so far but made sure to use all the products first before the review. I only get Joliebox and I really like the idea of using the shatter polish as a normal polish….I actually really liked the tea, it’s very refreshing!(but I understand that this can be a frustrating product for people who don’t like tea!) Also my lipgloss was the same, brush all splayed out! I don’t like lipgloss anyway so it wasn’t a huge deal for me, I’m sure one of my friends won’t mind if they’re getting it from me for free anyway! haha! Nice review and I like the idea of “stand out products” 🙂

  3. January 16, 2012 / 10:50 am

    I got the Glossy box and loved it, also the Carmine box was fantastic. im going to do a comparison of 3 at the end of this month, then decide which one to carry on with (i subbed to 3 in decemeber to trial them out).

    great review Corrie x

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