Red Carpet Manicure

Shellac/Gelish/Artistic Colour Gloss… long lasting gel manicures have been taking the beauty salon world by storm. I think they are genius, a flawless manicure (when done right) that lasts for weeks rather than days – what’s not to like? Not only do they stay flawless, but also just as glossy as freshly painted nails.

Now they have gone a step further and made it easy to get the perfect gel finish at home – with Red Carpet Manicure.



I’ve been trialling this kit a few times and wanted to report back. First up, it’s really easy to use – and smaller than I expected. The little lamp is very compact (they do also have another compact version designed for travel) – the kit comes with one shade (a classic red) and small bottles of prep/base/top coats and a cuticle oil. Plus larger bottles of nail varnish remover and a purify.


I found the structure (base) coat gel a little bit awkward and thick to use – like a nail varnish that’s gone gloopy. But it’s easy enough, it all dries in the time specified (the lamp is on a timer, so turns off at the max time – you don’t need to use it for longer than specified).

It’s basically the same as a standard manicure, but once the light goes off it’s dry. Prepare the nail (Prep),  Base coat (Structure), Colour, Top Coat (Brilliance) then a touch of the cuticle oil (Reviatalise) and you’re done.



All in all, the results are great for an at home manicure that lasts. I took it off after a week as the beauty addict in me needed a change. But it hadn’t chipped or lost any shine in this time.

I like the kit so much that I purchased two more colours – a grey and a lilac. I wasn’t as impressed with the  lilac – the colour was quite sheer and it started to peel/chip after a couple of days. But there’s every chance that it could be down to my own rushed application rather than the polish.

Overall – if you want a polished look, but aren’t bothered about changing colours multiple times a week then this is ideal. Or if you want it stored away for holidays and weekends away (this will definitely be part of my ultimate getting ready for holiday routine) then definitely worth the investment. The pro kit (the one I’ve been using) is £89.95 (including all the bits mentioned above) and the Portable LED kit (the smaller one for travel – the light takes a little longer) is £59.95 and nail colours are £11.95 each (although if you’re hitting the US at any point keep an eye out in drugstores as I saw the range of colours each on sale over there for around $10)

Find out more on the Red Carpet Manicure Website.

Kit was a PR sample. Extra colours mentioned bought by me.



  1. April 3, 2012 / 2:37 pm

    This. Looks. Amazing. I’ve been waiting for forever for them to bring out gel manicures for home use! (well, ones where you don’t have to spend a fortune!)


  2. April 3, 2012 / 9:06 pm

    I have never had acrylic nails done but they look really good maybe I’ll have to look at getting my own kit! xx

  3. Goddesslily Seymour
    April 4, 2012 / 5:53 am

    I bought something similar and haven’t used it yet, even blogged about it sigh… but your are so beautiful I think i’ll dig mine out of the drawer and give it a shot.

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