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So summer finally hit London, which is amazing. But it’s also led to some last
minute beauty panics… you know, the usual – getting rid of hair where it
shouldn’t be, making bits that are white brown and ready for skirts instead of
Cue beauty gadgets galore. I’ve written before about how I’m a big fan of
anything that makes the more laborious sides of a beauty routine quicker and
the results last longer.
The Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system is one such gadget – giving you
beautiful smooth skin, every day – so taking the step of ditching the tights that
little bit less scary. Philips is the number one female hair removal brand in the
UK , which is a pretty good recommendation!
Philips Lumea looks a little bit like a Star Trek style gadget that might be used
to zap aliens…but it’s not, its streamlined design just makes it easier to hold
whilst using the IPL (intense pulsed light) to zap the hair follicles and halt hair
growth, therefore leading to de-fuzzed skin – every day. But for a much better
explanation, watch the video:

It has two heads, one for larger areas and the smaller, precision attachment for
sensitive areas, such as the face. Plus the best news – Lumea only needs to be
used once every two weeks for the first 8-10 weeks and then every 4-6 weeks to
be hair-free all the time..

I don’t know about you, but something that means an end to regular shaving/
waxing?? That’s got to be pretty much the Summer beauty dream right? Now just
to get the clever folks over at Philips to create a gadget that gives an immediate,
flawless all over tan that lasts all year long…
For more information see the Philips Website
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