A beauty junkie in…Reunion Island

This week along with a few of my usual style posts I have something a little different – I will be blogging from a slightly different location to my usual London base! This week I will be bringing you posts from the Indian Ocean, well – firstly Reunion Island (where I am as I write this) and then later this week from Mauritius.

lux resorts review reunion island

It’s one of those things where I’m still pinching myself, expecting to wake up from the dream…but I am lucky enough to be staying at the gorgeous LUX* resorts on both islands (three resorts in total, one on Reunion and two in Mauritius).

Right now I am about to hit the sack after a rather long overnight flight to get here followed by a blissful day of gorgeous food (lots of seafood with creole influences – delicious and more on those in a post to come) followed by snorkeling – which was absolutely amazing and a sunset yoga session before watching the sunset you can see in the picture above.

Whilst I’m here I’ll be blogging about all sorts – the products I have brought with me, the experiences, the food and of course the resorts themselves!

This is just a little intro/teaser post as right now I need to get some shut eye – tomorrow has an exciting day trip to a volcano ahead! Yep, a real life volcano…that’s still active! Eek

But some exciting posts to come!

I am a guest of LUX* resorts.



  1. Joy @Twelve52
    July 3, 2013 / 7:09 pm

    That’s amazing! Have an incredible time. Looking forward to reading all about it and getting some serious wanderlust.

  2. July 3, 2013 / 7:41 pm

    Oh it looks gorgeous! I wish I could go on holiday like that. I look forward to your post about the products you took with you!

    Seaside Beauty

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