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For those that don’t know, Kiko is a brand from Italy that has an insanely impressive selection of products – all at really decent prices, very good value for money and some absolute gems to be found. The brand releases some exciting collections each year – they’re especially good at eyeshadow palettes and bronzers. But more on this later -this post is dedicated to a bit of a surprise ‘wow’ in my latest testing process – the Kiko Kiss Balm * , a slightly tinted lip balm.

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Much like the many other tinted balms out there, this feels really hydrating and creamy – with the sheer hint of colour. This shade is 03 Tutti Frutti and probably the brightest of the bunch. I liked it for the hot pink shade, with the idea being that as a sheer colour it would still add something rather than being so sheer that the tint becomes pointless. As you can see this it does deliver some colour – and I find it builds well, with almost a bit of a stain effect. The colour builds and almost becomes more long lasting the more frequently you apply? If that makes sense…?

But what I like most about this is how hydrating it feels – really moisturising, but still light. Not sticky or too shiny or anything. It’s slightly sweet in the scent, but not so strong that you smell like tweenie with a strawberry gloss. Very subtle but pleasant to wear. This is a great every day, easy to apply colour – perfect if you have dehydrated lips at all.

When I say this was a surprise wow, it was because it was a bit of an impulse purchase – the new Kiko Store opened on Regent’s Street a couple of months back and I was invited down for a preview and invited to have a bit of a shop. I have to be honest, the two floors or product left me a tad overwhelmed! There was so much to choose from, and all at such good prices I was left all confuddled. But I popped back and took things a little more seriously – picking up a few bits, including a good dupe of the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, a couple of gorgeous eyeshadow crayons and this tinted lip balm. This was the last thing I added to my basket as a bit of a ‘token’ lip product (had mostly gone with nail, eye and face) but oddly enough this was the one that has really won be over and become a daily love.

Moral of the story – impulse purchases for the win.

Kiko is available from or the store on Regent’s Street (make sure you pay a visit next time you’re on Oxford Street – it’s amazing)



  1. April 2, 2014 / 8:02 pm

    Can you review the product that’s supposed to be a dupe for MAC MSF?

    • Jen
      April 3, 2014 / 8:33 am

      Yep will do! 🙂

  2. August 7, 2014 / 8:39 pm

    Hello, I’ve just found out about your blog & I’m so happy I did because I was looking for a review on this product and I think I’ll give it a try. It looks so great and the most important thing that I’ve found is the hydrating power of the lip balm!
    Do you own any of their palettes? Which one would you recommend?

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