#MyNo7Feeling Look Seven

It’s day seven of my #MyNo7Feeling series – I can’t believe this is the final look! For the final day it’s a touch of the classics with a perky pink blush, red lip and matching red nail. Can’t beat a classic and I am partial to a red lip and nail – although it isn’t again a look I often reach for either in the day, or in the Summer as much. But the colour for both the nail and the lip here were perfectly colour pop so definitely didn’t feel anywhere near as out of place as the darker berry lips of look six.

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The thing I find with red lipstick is I’m always a touch to slap-dash with my application. Hoping I can get away with a slick and go job – when actually a good red lip does really take a few extra moments of effort to make it really have the impact it can do. For this I did use the matching red lip liner from No.7 to line the lips before I applied, yet the picky part of me definitely thinks I could have done a better job. I did also apply a layer of balm to my lips before – so whilst the lipstick is a matte finish I knew I’d need the extra moisture for my dry lips – so maybe that effected the application too?! Or maybe I’m just making excuses and should have used a lip brush!

The nail shade ‘Devils Delight’ is a total winner for me – this is one coat you can see and it was perfectly opaque. Impressively glossy too – before I even added the top coat! For the rest of the face I did keep it simple, with just a dusting of the blusher on the cheeks – not too heavy as my face is permanently a bit pink thanks to the heat at the moment anyway. Then I reached for the same mascara as I was wearing for look one – my new favourite and a surprise one at that as I expected the Lash Impact one to be more my thing, but no – it’s the length and the removal of the Stay Perfect Long Lasting mascara that has won it for me. Gives quite dramatic and defined lashes without clumping. Lovely stuff.

I do like that the seven days of looks is finishing with a classic matching pillar-box red lips and tips look. This is about as bold as I like to go on my own accord, so feels like a bit of a challenge but still totally wearable. The lipstick by the way – shade name ‘Love Red’ – despite being mattte really is quite creamy and comfortable. I did add the balm, but it didn’t feel like my lips were being sucked dry of all moisture after applying as some lipsticks can make them feel!

I do have one more little thing coming your way about the #MyNo7Feeling series – so keep an eye out for that. But in the meantime, do let me know what you think of the series an the looks so far. Is the seven days of different looks something you would want to challenge yourself to do?

For more on No.7: Boots.com

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  1. July 25, 2014 / 6:00 am

    Great finish to your seven days!!
    The red is timeless and so stunning on you lovely!!
    xo Holly xo


  2. Aimee-Leigh Rogers
    July 25, 2014 / 10:14 am

    I’m kind of sad this is the end off this series!
    This has been my favourite look on you, it just suits you so well!
    Got to love a good red lip.

    Aimee xo


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