Summer Berry Smoothie

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I love milk. I know it probably sounds like such a childish thing to love – as quite a lot of adults tend to grow out of liking it. But for me, milk is and always has been one of my favourite drinks. I remember when I left home for the first time, my mum and dad said they really noticed how much less milk they needed to buy each week. I’ll often happily pour myself a pint of the white stuff – and when it comes to thinking of life as lactose free, or being lactose intollerant it would be the number one thing I would miss. Which is why these Summer Berry Smoothie examples are a welcome relief – and a lovely little reminder that lactose free life wouldn’t mean giving up the white stuff totally…I could still get my fix elsewhere! So this little post is all about my #SayYestoSummer smoothie ideas…

Also, FYI – this Breville smoothie maker is an absolute little work of genius. SO easy to use and clean – as the bottles you blend in have lids so you can blend and go. Seriously simple, but amazing if you’re a smoothie fan.

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These are the easiest of smoothies to make – I was torn between trying banana and peanut butter, or a fruity smoothie version. Opting for fruity as we have some yummy frozen berries in the freezer to make it a cool and refreshing flavour for a hot Summer day.

The recipe is very simple – and can be adapted as needed/wanted to make it more or less fruity – whatever floats your boat!

Summer Berry Smoothie

– Handful or two of frozen Summer Berries (or whatever flavour you fancy…the world is your oyster)

– Pint of Lactose Free Milk

– Blend, blend, blend…. and if you want it perhaps a little less ‘thick’ then pop some ice cubes in to make it a bit lighter/fresher.

Pour and enjoy (or keep in this handy on the go bottle and take with you (seriously, how clever is this!?)

I actually made two variations – one with just berries and another with added banana and more of the Lactofree milk to make it creamier. The one on the left (darker) is just berry, the lighter shade has the added banana and more milk.

I’m happy to say there’s pretty much zero noticeable difference between this Lactose Free milk and the normal dairy kind – which, coming from a milk lover is kinda a big deal. On it’s own it just tastes that tiny bit lighter/less creamy than regular milk but very, very minimal difference.

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  1. July 28, 2014 / 8:11 pm

    Great post and recipe! I love the photos too and also the straws and bottles – would be perfect to take on a picnic or at a tea party or something! Abi 🙂

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