Best of the Christmas TV Ads 2014

christmas TV ads 2014

Debenhams Christmas Ad 2014

A bunch of kids having a bit of a Christmas hunt of a festive Debenhams store. The grown up in my just thinks of the chaos and damage that would be found the next day, the kid in me loves this idea and basically wants to be one of those kids. Can you imagine?! Playing dress up in the shoe department, pillow fights, skidding around on scooters… yep, can definitely see the appeal. The kids are all hunting down Christmas presents and the little girl at the end finds a cute soft toy one that she gives a big hug too. Very cute with a bit of a grand/classic song choice. Made me smile, but not quite bringing a tear to my eye.

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014

What is it about John Lewis that just nail it every year?! Sure, it’s totally sweet but it’s adorable. Yes, it made me well up when I saw Monty the Penguin’s eyes light up at the end. Aw, he just looked so happy. I also liked the look on the mum’s face at the end when she kinda looked a bit like ‘Oh God, we know have two penguins to deal with’. Very cute, and now wonder how many kids will be asking for a real life penguin for Christmas. Also brownie points for excellent name choice of Monty.

Marks & Spencer Christmas Ad 2014

I always hope for great things from M&S for their Christmas ad, and it’s always a tad hit and miss for me. This years one has the obligatory hashtag on it #Followthefaries with two rather fashionable looking fairies working their magic across the city. I do love the whole ‘Magic and Sparkle’ play on Marks and Spencer’s. Best bits? The turning off of the TV’s forcing the kids to play in the snow and the lost cat… I would love to see what the food side of M&S does for crimbo this year as this one always has the magic festive touch, after all – Christmas really is all about the food really.

 Boots Christmas Ad 2014

Boots have gone down the more ‘real-life’ magic route than some of the others that are a bit more fantasy magic. It’s a bit of a tear jerker right at the end and really does capture the whole ‘what it’s all about’ magic of Christmas of being with the ones you love. Coming together from all over the place to celebrate – even if not on the *actual day*. They of course have the hashtag too of #SpecialBecause – I do like this one (a tear jerker will always get me) and do like the ‘real life’ side of it. But also do like the magic that some of the others capture!

Which is the favourite?

For me, I have to be a bit cliche and go for the John Lewis as my favourite this year. Call me a sucker for a bit of a love story (or Penguins) but it really is rather lovely.

But I do have to say the Boots one really does capture a proper moment – especially now that I don’t spend every year with my own family the idea of making another day special post-Christmas kinda hits home with me.

What about you? Got a favourite from these?



  1. November 9, 2014 / 12:44 pm

    I am not ashamed to say that Monty The Penguin made me bawl like a baby! I have to say I’m not a fan of the M&S one this year. (I find them a bit hit and miss as well) Except for the snow it just doesn’t make me feel all warm and Christmassy like the John Lewis one. I am also looking forward to a more food centred one though!! They always just make me hungry!

    Such a lovely idea for a post by the way!

    Rhianna xxxxxx

  2. November 9, 2014 / 3:42 pm

    Yup. The penguin Christmas ad made me tear up quite a bit. Ah, the ending when you see him with the stuffed penguins… made me remember when I used to pretend my stuffed animals were real and needed friends! Being a kid was so much more fun 🙂 What an adorable ad.

    Jenny //

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