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I wasn’t planning to do a Christmas gift guide this year – I wasn’t really sure I was going to ‘bring anything to the party’ as such… when there are plentiful guides and suggestions out there already. But having said that it dawned on me over past couple of weeks, that us girls are probably pretty confident on what to buy. But when it comes to the boys, this is where I’m usually stumped. First up, I would NEVER assume the various men in my life (husband, brother, Dad and brother in law…) would be interested in anything that falls into the beauty category. Usually opting more for the ‘DVD from Amazon’ type option. But low and behold – asking for Christmas requests and things like skincare and fragrance pop up again and again… so I rounded up a few of my ‘no-fail’ Christmas gifts for men options… especially handy if you’re perhaps one of those last moment shoppers (*raises hand*).

1. Hugo Boss – Boss Bottled (Boots)

This is the ultimate in no-fail fragrance for men. It’s one that’s truly a classic for men of all ages – my husband wears it regularly, my brother does and I’m pretty sure all ages in between, younger and older. If I was ever to buy a fragrance for a boy I didn’t know (why would I do that, I don’t know…) but this is the one I would opt for. It’s non-offensive, suits all and is timeless. It would work on a 20 year old just as well as a 40 year old. Any age. The notes are a classic mix of patchouli, with grapefruit and musk.

I actually have a bottle of Boss Bottled as signed by face-of Gerard Butler that I’ll be doing a little giveaway of… so keep an eye out if you’re either a big Gerard fan, or just love the scent!

2. L’Occitane – Collection for men (L’Occitane)

L’Occitane has become my go-to for ‘if in doubt’ gifts for a whole host of people. It really is a saviour when time is not on your side as I swear there is something for everyone. It’s one that I just know I can find something – if the person is more into essentials/basics, fragrance, skincare or body. There’s something for everyone. The bit that really made me sit up and take notice though was when my Dad of all people mentioned the kit I’d bought him for his birthday previously. Now, to put this in context – my Dad is not into his beauty regime (if my Dad reads this I’m sure he will agree) so to hear that he really liked the bits I bought him before really caught my attention. Basically, if my Dad likes it – then you can make a safe bet for any man in your life!

3. Clinique Skincare – Gift Set for Men (Boots)

Clinique is another brand that has saved me many a time in the past. In fact it was last Christmas that I bought gifts for both my Mum and Ollie from the brand. Ollie is another ‘not that fussed about skincare’ sorts of men but as long as I’ve known him, he has always used Clinque for Men skincare. In fact it’s only recently he’s branched out and added a bit of Khiels into the mix. But Clinique is still his regular go-t0. Then again – when my brother made a couple of suggestions of gifts he mentions ‘nice skincare for men’. Clinique was my first thought – knowing how much Ollie trusts it, I felt confident it would be one to tick both the performance and nice gift boxes for many a man out there. If you know what the man you’re buying for likes you can custom select items and put them together in a gift box – this is what I did last year. But if in doubt, you can choose a pre-chosen set.

4. James Bond 007 Gold Fragrance* (Superdrug)

What man doesn’t want to be a bit like Bond? No man I know, that’s for sure. From the Bond girls, to being a spy, to just rocking a suit like no other…. many a man out there would love just a spritz of Bond in their life. This Gold fragrance is the latest in the Bond range. This one is a mix of nice typically male scents like sandalwood and vetyver plus some fresh notes of apple and geranium. It’s a happy mix of spicy male scents and fresh day to day. This one is the total bargain friendly option with a gift set for £20… not bad for a bit of Bond?!

5. Joop Extreme Fragrance* (Boots)

Another scent option – now this one isn’t necessarily one for all! But it is the latest addition to a classic range – I actually went to a launch for this way earlier in the year but it came to mind when thinking of potential gifts for the boys. This is a scent for a ‘party boy’ (am aware how cheesy that expression is…but for lack of another word that I think will work…you know what I mean). It’s  a heady mix of leather, cacao and patchouli. A sexy night time fragrance. Great for boyfriend/husband/fiance.



  1. Josiee
    December 20, 2014 / 10:06 am

    Wow so many great products – I didn’t know L’Occitaine did mens products!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

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