Spring Hair Refresh: Part One

The weather might not have gotten the memo, but apparently it’s meant to be at *least* Spring now, if not actual Summer. So it might still be on the cooler side, but the days are long and when the sun does make an appearance it does feel rather lovely.

With any new season it’s nice to have a bit of a beauty-audit, refresh the colours and products you’re using and the overall look. Whilst I love being blonde year round – I do like to go as light as possible (and still keep on the natural side) during the warmer months – so when invited by Clairol to give this a shot at home I decided why not!

As part of the process of the before and after I’ll also be sharing a few little insights from the nice’n’easy ‘All they see is you’ survey – a little peek behind the bathroom cabinet door of women in the UK…

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But first, a little chat about the colour choice that I’ll be going for for trialling the nice’n’easy product! I got the lovely chance to meet with Jonathan Long (pictured above debating colour options…) – celeb hair stylist, owner of Lockonego salon on King’s Road and brand ambassador for Clairol – to have a chat about my hair as it is (my before picture is above too!), and what I wanted to go for in terms of the colour refresh.

In my typical style, I didn’t want to go too dramatic colour change – but wanted a subtle lift and wanted to keep things on the beige side rather than going warmer or ashy. Jonathan did want to encourage me to dial up the warmth in my hair – but was more than happy to make colour suggestions that worked with what I wanted alongside his expert recommendations.

The colour Jonathan chose for me is shade 97 ‘Natural Light Beige Blonde’ – and I’ll show you more in the next post which will of course include before and after, plus a review of the process! But for now, let’s take a look at a few of the insights from the All They See Is You survey:

87% of British men polled said they don’t mind their other half keeping some beauty rituals hidden… I can vouch for this! I am pretty sure that my boy is more than happy for me to pretend I never have to do something like shave my arm pits or pluck my eyebrows… It’s no mean feat when living together! But I personally definitely like to keep some beauty routines private – partly to maintain the mystery a little and partly because it gives me some definite ‘me’ time that I really appreciate.

I can really relate to the findings in the survey  – 73% saying how much more confident they feel when they have completed their beauty routine. It might seem like an obvious one – but I’m totally one of the 73%, if I’m ever feeling stressed or worn down. The one thing that without a doubt brings me back to feeling more like myself is a good pamper/beauty refresh session. You know the drill, locking yourself away and emerging feeling like a new person! Adding in a hair colour refresh to this is basically the cherry on the top of the whole process!

With all that in mind, I’m really looking forward to showing you the before and after for the hair-dye process! I’m sitting here typing this first post already having done the new ‘do and as a little teaser…I really like the result! But will tell and show you more in a few days!

For more information on nice’n’easy visit their facebook page.

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