Tricks to get your mojo back

It’s no secret that 2016 hasn’t been the year I’ve been the  most ‘on my game’ blog wise. I’ve had periods where I’ve frankly thought of packing it all in. I’ve doubted I can do what I need to in order to keep up. I’ve not enjoyed it anywhere near as much as I have previously. I’ve always said once I didn’t enjoy it, I would stop. Even as it has become a part of how I earn my living – fundamentally it wouldn’t be worth it for me if that joy has gone and I’d rather go back to a more traditional job. BUT, as much as all of that sounds like total Debby-Downer, all is not lost. I know it was just a phase and I am not done with it. One thing I have really learnt this year is some tricks to get your mojo back when it wanes. As everyone goes through these flatter, less fired up phases. It’s taken me a while to get a handle on it and learn what I need to do when those mojo-moments are lost. So here’s a few I wanted to share to try and help.  img_3376

  • Spot what is draining you – For me, it’s usually some form of stress. In varying levels, from day to day to bigger stress. But knowing what is taking the energy that normally goes into something you love is the first trick. Sometimes those stress things are unavoidable, but often it’s in your control to be able to adjust the balance a bit. It can be so hard to make adjustments, but recognising there’s a root to the buzz-drain is part of getting your fire back again.
  • Take the pressure off – Your mojo is down, that’s ok. Take a step back. This is what has happened when you might have spotted the longer gaps than usual between posts. Rather than forcing half-assed content I wanted to just take the pressure away. The internet isn’t going to collapse if I don’t post for a day or a week or even a month. Posting when the content isn’t as good as I can do makes me feel worse when my mojo is off. As I just kick myself and make myself feel worse when it’s not as good as I can do. Or even when it’s good enough I look at it like it’s been created by a blindfolded toddler or something. So I just step away and come back when a feel that moment of spark or idea. Ready to go.
  • Social Media Detox – I’ve seen a lot of talk of social media detox in my feed (yes, the irony of reading about it in social media…) However, I think this is going to be a regular thing for me in 2017 and beyond. As much as I am very aware that I am pretty hooked on social media…. I also know that I am happier when not tied to to it 24/7. This year I do feel like I have taken some steps to have a healthier relationship with social media. I have unfollowed accounts that don’t make me feel good, inspire me or make me laugh. I often don’t spent much time on social media during weekends now. I just live my life, I don’t document every step of the way. It might not be the ‘typical’ blogger approach, but sharing everything just doesn’t sit right with me so I take a step back and I am happier for sure. Even if just a few hours (no, not when sleeping… although keeping your phone out of the bedroom is apparently a good idea) taking a break from being always-online is definitely something that makes me get my mojo back again and feeling more positive overall.
  • Sort your life admin – You know that whole ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ expression? Well, sometimes if I feel stressed it can be because other small bits of my life are in a bit of a chaotic place. From a cluttered house, beauty samples over flowing or work admin that I’m behind on. All these things make me feel disorganised and take my focus away from the ‘non essential’ fun/creative side of things. It might be a slog, but taking a day to sort out the clutter/life admin that can get in the way and I’m sure you will be surprised how that mojo starts a flowing again.
  • You do you – One of the biggest mojo-crushers out there has to be self-comparison. The she’s better than me, he’s faster than me, they’re funnier than me syndrome. The grass is always greener. Or worse, in the world of blogging when it’s not even just about what people do on their blogs or videos, but who works with who, who is invited where and sent what. There are so many points of comparison that it takes a very strong person to never have a weak moment where you lose your focus and feel a bit self-critical or not good enough. I’ll put my hands up and have had many a moment of that, especially this year. The way I find to overcome this is to sort of stick my head in the sand. Combined with that social media detox and just being totally self indulgent on what I want to write, when I want to write and what I want to take photos of. No strategy, no planning, no looking at stats. Just total gut-feeling and living in your own little bubble. Of course that doesn’t have to mean a social-media cut off. I just find there’s so much noise out there it can distract me and makes me a bit too self-doubting to be able to enjoy it.
  • Surround yourself with uplifting people – This doesn’t have to be a whos-who of inspiring people. It can be anyone from childhood friends, loved ones, family and other bloggers/creative types. I’ve really learnt over the last year between those who boost and those who are happy to nudge you downwards. Maybe not intentionally, but there are those people who maybe just don’t say *quite* the right thing when you need to have a vent. Sometimes you just want to have a natter with someone that’s nowhere near to do with whatever it is that you’re suffering mojo-wise on. Taking your mind off it and having a good belly laugh (or even a cry) can be the best thing in that moment!

Whatever it is that you’re missing your mojo for, I hope these tips might help even just a little. Remember you’re awesome. Don’t let the noise of the rest of the world tell you otherwise. Whatever it is you do, no-one can do it like you. Don’t give up. The mojo will come back.



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