Five Haircare Launches Worth Washing Your Hair For

It seems Spring is THE time of year to launch a whole lot of new haircare. This is going to sound like an odd one – but I love washing my hair – I know, good job or else I’d be a bit of a grotbag. But I know it’s one of those things that can be seen as a chore, something people avoid for as many days as their hair will allow them. I used to be an every day hair wash kinda girl, but in recent years I switched to every other day and without a doubt I still don’t like that second day. It just made sense to try to reduce the daily wash to try and preserve colour and prevent my hair from being too dry. But, my stories of hair washing routines aside – no matter your own personal frequency I have five new haircare launches that are worth washing your hair for.

Haircare Launches

I should probably caveat this by the fact that the products I tend to pick out – especially for things like haircare or skincare – are always motivated by my own hair type/concerns. So before I launch into talking products, a little about that. One, I have long-ish fine hair that has a tendency to be flat/lifeless. It takes work to give it healthy volume. I do also tend to have frizzy bits around my parting and sometimes at the ends of my hair. My hair is also coloured (highlights) and I want to make the blonde look as bright and fresh for as long as possible. The biggest hair related ‘challenge’ I have is my scalp. It can have a tendency to react badly to some products. By react badly I mean it would get itchy and flaky, especially around the hairline on my face and the nape of my neck. So if any or all of these ‘issues’ or hair type descriptions apply to you then read on as the products in this post may very well be suited to you.

Haircare Launches

Kerastase Aura Botanica Concentrate Essentiel * (

Kerastase has a new launch all about the botanicals (It’s a funny thing in the L’Oreal product family – you can offer see similarities across different brands in launching new things…usually with differing ingredients of course across the premium vs high street brands. Something you can spot across this new launch and one from L’Oreal Paris too). There are four main products in the launch, a shampoo and conditioner, an oil spray and oil concentrate. Or ‘Bain Micellaire’ (shampoo), Soin Fondamental (conditioner), Concentre Essential (oil concentrate) and Essence D’Eclat (bi-phase oil mist). The big claim for this launch is the 98% natural origin ingredients (with the remaining 2% being majority fragrance) with no sulphates or parabens. So essentially targeted at the ingredient conscious Kerastase customer to give them a largely natural option for their haircare.

My favourite from the range is the Oil Concentrate that I’ve taken to using as a pre-shampoo treatment. When it comes to oils I have to be wary for two reasons. One because my hair is so fine the majority of oils just weigh it down, so using as a rinse-out option works well for me. I also have to be a little a little cautious that oils don’t make my scalp go nuts, but so far – so good. I use a little as a treatment before I jump in the shower to help moisturise the dry ends of my hair.

Haircare Launches

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque * (

I’ll be honest and say Joico wasn’t a brand I was familiar with until recently but what caught my eye about this one was the overall Blonde Life range. Entire range dedicated to blonde hair? Erm, sold?! Every colour hair has it’s own challenges to keep it looking it’s best but there’s something about blonde that seems ot be such a minefield of potential pitfalls. From brassy tones to ‘cheap looking’ to breakage there’s a whole selection of woes that can come from venturing onto the lighter side of hair life. I’ve been a life-long blonde and in the last 10 years since I went down the highlights etc route I’ve always wanted to look after the colour (which is basically code for make it last as long as possible between appointments).

The Joico Blonde Life range features three products (I like that it keeps things simple) all about brightening. With a shampoo, conditioner and mask. The Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque is my favourite from the range – it has a gorgeous fresh fragrance that smells like holidays and a balmy texture. It feels like it works from the moment you apply it and after a thorough rinse my hair feels SO silky and soft. It rinses well which is a major plus as it doesn’t leave heavy residue on the hair. It definitely doesn’t have that sort of ‘fake conditioner’ feeling of being coated in silicones that might feel silky but also means you can wave goodbye to any sort of life or volume. Even just writing about it now is making me want to go wash and condition my hair asap.


IMG_4639 (1)

Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Frizz Antidote * (Exclusive to

I’m sure you will hear more about this huge new launch from the L’Oreal Paris family. A whole new brand under that umbrella, the Botanicals Fresh Care is all about natural ingredients, zero silicones and even to the point where the packaging is made from recycled materials. There are four families of products in the range and whilst the Coriander is the ‘best fit’ for my hair type, the product I’m enjoying the most is the Camelina Smooth Ritual Frizz Antidote. I know, a leave-in isn’t typically my sort of thing with my flat hair (and since this is for unruly hair it really isn’t ‘meant’ for me) but I find the tiniest bit of this for my frizz prone hairline/parting area and a tiny bit on the ends works an absolute treat. Oh and it smells AMAZING.

L’Oreal Elvive Phytoclear Refreshing Shampoo * (

Also from the L’Oreal family I’ve been using some of their new Phytoclear Anti-Dandruff range since the start of the year and have to sing it’s praises. No, anti-dandruff is hardly the thing of glamour and fabulousness. But for me, it’s pretty essential. Whilst I love to try new things – regardless of how they impact my scalp at times – I like to know I have ‘safe’ products I can rely on to fix any problems or flare-ups at all. I’ve found this range does just that. There’s a lot of variants in the range from soothing to refreshing to regulating. The one I like the most is the soothing one.


Davines Naturaltech Renewing Pro Boost Superactive * (

Have I told you how much I love a brand that looks after scalp as much as they do hair? Well if not, then I do. It’s basically the way to my heart when it comes to haircare. Care for my scalp or even just mention that the scalp is considered as part of the ingredients and I’m already sold. So this new launch from Davines is a big old tick from me. Davines has launched two new ranges that are a blend of pro and consumer products – the ‘Renewing’ range and the ‘Energising’ range that join their overall Naturaltech family. The product shown here as a favourite of mine is actually one of the pro-only ones, but it’s part of a treatment you can get in any Davines salon. The treatment is an exfoliating one (hello getting rid of flakes!) that helps prepare the scalp for the other products – much like exfoliating your face before a mask. For at home there’s a shampoo, conditioning treatment and a superactive serum (that works as a leave in for after your shampoo/conditioner).

Even if you don’t have specific scalp issues I would really recommend trying this range – even if your scalp is happy as Larry. It’s like a deep cleansing facial for your scalp and hair and your whole head will feel refreshed and sort of ‘lifted’ afterwards. If you have a Davines salon near you too I’d really recommend trying the pro treatment if you do have scalp issues too.

Haircare Launches Worth Washing Your Hair For

On the whole scalp front, this is something I’m doing some ‘behind the scenes’ work on at the moment – if you have any questions at all or specific things you might like more information on relating to all things scalp-y just leave me a comment or feel free to drop me an email if perhaps you don’t want to comment publicly!

But that’s it for my round up of new haircare launches that are well worth washing your hair for!

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