The Fusion Facial – the WOW factor facial treatment

I love facials and treatments – spending time in a salon is my idea of heaven. I love feeling pampered but I love something that’s results driven even more so. So facials where I come out saying ‘wow’ are my favourite. I really want to get into a routine of making facials a regular thing – as they always say, prevention is better than a cure and all that. I was invited to try a new type of facial that combines two different facial offerings into one ‘super facial’ or the Fusion Facial as they’re being called.

The Fusion Facial

What’s this wow facial all about then? This one is what is being called a ‘fusion facial’ which is essentially two top performing facials that when combined take the results to a whole new level.

The blurb on this ‘The Elements’ fusion facial – “A new double facial treatment that combines two of the most sought after celebrity facials for a gold standard experience with a whopping 15 steps. Developed by iS Clinical and HydraFacial, two leaders in high performance skincare.”

What is interesting about this facial is that it combines the ‘product’ side – the fire and ice facial – and the ‘gadget’ sides of skincare – the Hydrafacial MD. With elements of micro-dermabrasion type resurfacing and lymphatic drainage. Plus glycolic peels (the fire stage) and hyularonic acid (the ice stage) based hydrating masks, multiple cleanses and finishing up with hydration.

The Fusion Facial

But the ultimate ‘test’ of a facial – step one, the before and after shot. Just take a look at the difference in my smile lines! They’re one of the things I am the most self conscious about and one of the reasons I avoid smiling too much for close up shots. But after this facial, I look like I’ve had something ‘more’ done than I have! Sure, a few existing blemishes/imperfections show up as all make-up has been removed. But the difference in the lines around my eyes really impressed me.

Of course, with any facial I want to give it a few days to update how my skin behaves in the next few days so will add more more to this post. But first impressions of The Elements facial are a big WOW. Of course my ‘before’ photos look more even but  that’s to be expected when I have make-up on. For the after shots to have no make-up on my skin at all (still some around my eyes) that’s pretty darn impressive. Oh and for an added bonus you can see all the gross stuff that’s removed from your skin in the process… I have a photo of that, but decided there’s a big chance no-one wants to see that….

Before and after The Fusion Facial side by side for full comparison:

I will see how my skin is over the next few days and add in an update here. I’ll re-share on social when I’ve added my update.


Four days post facial – My skin feels incredibly smooth. The exfoliating element of the treatment really is amazing. I have had a couple of spots pop up (no pun intended) but I find this fairly normal after any sort of intense facial – especially when it’s been a while since my last one. 

The Elements Facial launches this month nationwide at salons where the Hydrafacial MD and iS Clinical facial treatments are available. Priced from £250 – yes, expensive. But for a special event (pre-wedding it would be ideal) then a splurge that’s well worth it for the all round detox/resurface/hydrating/anti-ageing effects in one hour-long facial.

The Fusion Facial from iS Clinical and HydraFacial is available nationwide from 1st July at clinics and spas including Rita Rekas London, Bulgari Spa and Waterhouse Young London.

*Facial provided for review. 


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