Let’s Talk Boobs

Lets talk boobs. Ok, so I probably should have pulled out that opening line out last month when it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month – but bare with me. When I say let’s talk boobs I’m actually thinking of this in a pretty specific situation – of course talking about boobs and boob changes or issues is absolutely vital year-round but I wanted to get pretty specific and talk about pregnancy boobs.

Apologies if this is a little TMI for anyone – I think going a bit TMI is another side effect of being pregnant…


For me, my boobs were probably the first ‘sign’ I was pregnant. In a similar way to pre-period, they were swollen, sore and sensitive from those very first weeks. Usually a sign of impending period doom – but in this case it was slightly different and lasted a whole lot longer than a week. I was pretty surprised to find I had such a sudden ‘symptom’ that felt so obvious. No joke, even water from the shower hurt them – that’s how sensitive they were.

I had no idea that the boob thing would stick around for so long and I had NO IDEA I’d end up with whave been ‘affectionately’ referring to as ‘mega boobs’. Having gone up easily one, possibly two cup sizes already. Which might seem like the dream scenario, as so many people spend their lives wishing or spending a tonne of money to get themselves bigger boobs. But personally, it’s the first of what I’m sure will be many body changes with pregnancy that I’m struggling to get use to.

I’m not used to having boobs that have a life of their own. I’ve always had a sort of in-between boob size – not so small that I’d be described as flat chested, but not so big that they become a feature in themselves. I’ve never wanted bigger or smaller boobs really – one of the few body parts I’ve been perfectly happy with and felt they were in proportion for my frame.

So now I have these larger mega boobs that don’t fit into any of my existing bra collection – SOB as I have some gorgeous pieces that I didn’t get even close to enough wear out of before pregnancy took them over. Which means not only am I getting used to my body changing, I feel like I’ve lost a pretty big chunk of my wardrobe basics. Let’s be honest, without the solid foundation of a decent bra (and underwear in general) that is both comfortable and flattering, it is hard to feel good in whatever you put on top of it. Before I even factor in a growing bump.

For a while over the past few months I have resorted to sports bras or wireless bralettes instead of my regular bra options. But I knew at the end of the day I needed to bite the bullet and find a new bra to fit my ever-changing mega boobs. (I should probably add here that by no means are my boobs of some sort of gargantuan size that means strangers will stop and stare in the street – they just feel very unusual for me and what I’m used to). Which is where my first foray into the world of maternity bras come in and let me tell you – life changing – not an understatement. Ok, so maybe a *slight* exaggeration, but finding something that provides support, comfort and leaves me not feeling like my boobs are either squished into too-tight fabric or not supported.


The first proper maternity bra I have in my life is a Bravado Body Silk Seamless * in a lovely navy shade called ‘Twilight’ (limited edition). It’s a maternity – nursing bra, mean the cup pieces have clips so should I go down the breast feeding route it can adapt and be simple to wear whilst feeding. For now though it ticks all the boxes. Wide back and shoulder straps mean no digging in (an issue I had with some of my more delicate feeling wireless numbers I tried to get away with at first) and a fabric that offers flex, but is still firm enough to support. It has padded/lined cups which is really handy as one of the other ‘boob things’ is that nipples seem to have decided to say hello 24/7 – so a bit of lining avoids looking like Rachel from Friends (not that I’d mind looking like her in general TBH but I’d rather not my nipples be the first thing people notice about me). Overall, it’s the perfect balance of comfort and support and it’s made be 99% more comfortable since wearing it.

My one piece of advice for so far in pregnancy (you know with my whole 20 weeks of experience so far) is to invest in a decent maternity bra early on. Your boobs will thank you for it. Ideally getting one with some flexibility in terms of sizing is ideal because you are likely to go up by a good cup size or two. So a maternity bra with a few more than the usual two/three hooks in the back to allow for a little extra growing space. Wide straps allow for more support and a sports-bra style fabric with flex but still firm to support. But of courses no underwire because wire plus pregnancy boobs is just not a combo you need in your life.

A maternity bra isn’t going to always be as pretty or delicate as a regular style of bra – but now is a time to invest in comfort and wearable support. It’s hard to get used to all these body changes of pregnancy (never mind thinking about the whole process at the end/culmination of all the changes) but I am trying to focus on looking after my body and just embracing it all. But it’s not easy and I can’t help but hope that my boobs go back down a size or two (or three) at the end of it all (never mind whatever weight I gain and other changes) but I have to just take each change in my stride and know it’s part of the process. Least I can do is give these newly mega boobs some support & TLC whilst they’re here – even if I do hope they don’t stick around. A girl can hope…

*PR sample or gift


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