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So, after doing Barry’s Bootcamp Academy followed by Hell Week I was pretty convinced I never wanted to see the inside of a gym again… but no, the opposite happened. I have signed up for another month of torture daily boot camps Monday to Friday. I actually think I’m hooked – I meant it when I said that I felt something had changed in my head as much as body from the last time!

gym beauty essentials

So in the spirit of becoming a fully fledged gym bunny (ahem) this has also meant I have had to get pretty darn organised with my gym kit essentials that I lug around with my day to day. I fit my gym sessions in first thing which for me makes it easier to manage – I roll out of bed, throw on my gym stuff, get all gross and sweaty and then do my normal shower/get ready routine and head into the office all set for the day and feeling slightly smug that I’m already had my exercise quota for the day.

The one downside of the gym routine is having to carry all those daily essentials – as a beauty junkie these are not exactly a capsule collection normally – but in the interest of not breaking my own back I have whittled this down into a selection of basics that I deem essential for getting set for the day.

I am lucky that the gym has some rather lovely Malin + Goetz shampoo/conditioner/shower gel so as far as those basics go I don’t need to worry. So my essentials are mostly skincare and a couple of hair and body bits. In order of use…

Sure Deodorant in the new compressed size – size wise, these are fab but despite claim that these last just as long as the larger sizes. I’m not totally sure they do, although there is a chance I’m just using them for longer than I need to (as in spraying more than I need to per ‘dose’). I have also been using th Mango Nip & Fab Body Butter which was in my Glossy Box a few months ago – love this! It smells good, feels really hydrating but really light at the same time and a little goes a long way. Very impressed.

Skincare wise I go for a triple – Dr Nick Lowe Eye Cream* (from a previous special edition Glossy Box) basically because the packaging is light and so is the cream so it works well for day time hydration. Then I have the Elemis Fresh Skin Hydration Serum* – for an extra boost as can feel that my skin gets a bit dry after sweating it out! Then for my main day cream I have been using Olay, previously I was using the Complete Care* but I recently switched to the Total Effects Serum and Moisturiser Duo* and really like it. It’s really light and creamy, hydrating, absorbs quickly so no need to wait before applying makeup and it has SPF 20. All round winner for me!

For hair I keep it really simple – I’ve been using a Nick Chavez Plump ‘n’ Thick Leave in Thickening Mist* which came in a Birchbox and is another perfect example for how the beauty boxes can be a total win when you a) end up with the perfect mini sized product and b) you discover a new brand you hadn’t heard of before. Plus my Denman hair brush* in turquoise zebra print – perfect small size for the gym bag.

Then my other little essentials are hair bands – which I accumulate a lot of, always popping another in ‘just in case’ I forget it one day. Then plasters – just in case of blisters!

So there we have my gym bag beauty essentials – of course this doesn’t cover the make-up side of things… that’s a whole extra blog post!

*PR samples. Others bought by me.



  1. ExBCtest
    June 11, 2013 / 8:08 am

    That is pretty impressive whittling down, I always stumble at the hair products, just can’t make up my mind so I bring too many,and as often as not I end up using none of them…

    Would love to see the make-up post though, I always worry I’ll forget something essential like mascara…

  2. June 11, 2013 / 12:53 pm

    Lovely round up. You’ve inspired me to get my gym kit up together to make it easier on those mornings where getting motivated is hard. At least if my bag is already packed I have no excuse!

  3. Rena Blank
    June 11, 2013 / 7:08 pm

    Great group of products! I find that if I don’t wash my face right after I work out I start breaking out 🙁 That’s why I prefer swimming rather than the gym! xx Rena

    Kiss and Make Up

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