Glossy Box September ‘London Edition’ and Glossy Box Woman.

Following swiftly on from the earlier Beauty box post I have a little round-up of not one but two Glossy box products. Firstly, the London Edition box (love the Union Jack design) and then a little shout out to the new Glossy Box Woman service – covering the more premium end of the market rather than the more mainstream range of products generally covered in the monthly Glossy Box.

glossy box london edition and woman




The products are all British favourite beauty brands – with a range of products from hair, lashes, liners, bronzers and nipple products… (for lips!) Rundown of what arrived in my box…

Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum – I’m a big fan of Toni & Guy hair products and have tried a few of the products over the years and really like a lot of the range. One of them has been this shine gloss serum – I’ve had to go light on this as my hair is fine and can get weighed down. But a tiny pump of this smoothed all over is fab.

Be a Bombshell Onyx Liner – Not a brand I’ve heard of, but always good to have a black liner. This is one for those that want a full-on dramatic black line not just some subtle definition.

HD Brows Bronzer – When I first saw this I thought it was another HD brows palette (not a bad thing, but I have seen them pop up in boxes a fair few times) but this is a bronzer. I’m not really a regular bronzer user, but the colour is nice and the brand is good quality.

Dr Lipp Nibble Balm for Lips – I’ve reviewed in the past (see HERE) it’s a great lip balm, and can be used all over (as the name implies) but personally lips and cuticles are my top picks. A little sample size of this will last a surprising amount of time too!

Eyelure Pre-Glued Lashes – Nice, but not really a lash person. Love lashes, but tend to rely on a mascara rather than the faff of applying falsies. But do hear that these pre-glued ones are pretty good…might be tempted to give them a whirl! I can just never quite find the time or reason to add lash application to my get ready routine.

That’s it – not a bad round-up and to be honest, the Union Jack box made this box a special one for me. My top pick product wise would have to be the Toni & Guy serum – always a handy one to have!

Next up we have a look at the contents of the Glossy Box Woman – a new offering from Glossy Box, aimed at the 40+ market. Which isn’t me, but I’d be pretty darn ecstatic to receive the contents of this box. There are some total gems in there – especially the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster, an amazing product that really packs a radiance-giving punch. Then there’s a little (perfect for travel) Redken Colour Extend Treatment Spray and two products from the Lulu Time Bomb range – Flashback Night Cream and Glory Days Day Cream. Finally there’s a very special product from Comfort Zone – a really premium brand that’s not the easiest to get your hands on as only salon based – but this mask is gorgeous. It’s called ‘Glorious skin’ and who doesn’t want that?! This is great for anyone with dehydrated or dull skin who want a really quick boost.



The Glossy Box Woman box is available every 8 weeks and is priced £14 (plus £2.95) and also includes a little glossy magazine with some skin care tips and other articles. I have to say that I’d say this box really appeals to me – and I’m in my twenties. But they describe the box at being aimed at the ‘experienced, savvy, beauty connoisseur’ – I think the age window could be opened for this a lot lower. But the target is just that, a target not a limit. I’m really interested to see what they deliver in the next Glossy Woman box!

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