East London Maternity Photoshoot

I’ll be totally honest and say I never thought I’d be the sort of person who had a specifically all-about-bump type of photoshoot. When it comes to pregnancy and photos I had all these visions of Demi Moore and her naked bump gracing the covers of magazines. Which is awesome, but not really my style. Even with maternity photoshoot styles changing and becoming far more varied and covering such a range of styles, because whilst being pregnant I haven’t felt totally comfortable with my changing body I didn’t think the idea of taking photos celebrating my growing belly was the sort of thing I’d sign up for. However, early on I did decide I was keen to do a newborn photography session – not necessarily because I think they’re essential (as with anything baby/parenthood I think it’s a totally personal choice) but because I had been basically stalking the work of Charlie from Farlie Photography. and loved her clean and simple photo style so dropped her a line to book in to take some snaps after Baby Thorne arrives.

East London Maternity Photoshoot

East London Maternity Photoshoot

Charlie and I actually went to high school together, although it’s been a crazy number of years since we had met up in person we have been in touch via the wonders of the internet and social media. So after I sorted out booking in with her to take some newborn snaps, Charlie asked if I was up for doing a little East London maternity photoshoot. I loved the idea of taking some photos around London, because I knew they would feel a bit more personal and I definitely wouldn’t have to do a Demi and expose the bump 100 ft from Liverpool Street station. Although I’m sure stranger things have happened.

Charlie was fantastic at putting me totally at ease in front of the camera – not something that comes naturally to me at all (I can already hear my Mum and Dad scoffing at this as I know they think I’m a total poser – but believe it or not, I am mostly awkward in front of the camera!).

East London Maternity Photoshoot

East London Maternity Photoshoot

The best thing about London for photos is that you have almost endless options for backdrops. In just a small area around East London we managed to cover off iconic city buildings, cobbled streets, old-school pubs with modern sky scrapers, colourful doorways and bright street art. Not bad for probably less than half a mile of London (if that)!

Looking at the photos now, I just love them. As much as I have found it tricky to get used to the growing bump and feel comfortable in my own shape over the last few months. It really is pretty incredible that there’s an actual baby in there that will (hopefully) be making an appearance in the next few weeks.

East London Maternity PhotoshootEast London Maternity Photoshoot

East London Maternity Photoshoot

If you’re either London or Essex sort of area based and looking for a fabulous photographer to capture anything from your pregnancy, wedding, family or newborn then please do check out Charlie’s work.

She really does take some gorgeous shots and made me feel completely comfortable whilst she was shooting. I can’t wait for Baby Thorne to arrive – we have planned to do a newborn shoot with Charlie so will have some really special shots to share when that happens.

Farlie Photography: farliephotography.co.uk

All images credit to Charlie of Farlie Photography.


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  1. March 11, 2018 / 5:30 pm

    I LOVE these photos! You look amazing, pregnancy suits you so well! Your making it look like such a breeze which I’m sure it’s not but you look so glam even in casual which is so refreshing to see!!
    The London shots are beautiful too, that is one of my favourite areas of London! I hope the last few weeks of your pregnancy are easy for you and all the best for your beautiful babies arrival!


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