Three New Beauty Launches

Beauty launches often come thick and fast and whilst I’ve been a tad out of the loop whilst having a baby, I have been testing out a few of the new ones. Including one I got Ollie to pick up for me when he went to America to take part in the Boston Marathon a few weeks after Ella arrived. I think a little Sephora trip was the least I could ask for in that situation of being left holding the baby… ! The three new launches include a new lipstick, new foundation and new mascara. All of which adorned my face last week and I thought I’d talk a little about each of them in this post. This is a sort of mini-review post as each one is only really first impressions rather than an extended trial.

Sunday Riley The Influencer Foundation ($42 Sephora)

This is one I had on my Sephora shopping list as I was feeling pretty excited about a makeup product from a skincare brand I love (the Luna night oil is incredible if you haven’t tried it yet). The foundation made lots of promises that appeal to me – natural looking (tick), long wear (tick), lightweight feel (tick), satin-matte (tick) and medium to full coverage. I rarely look for medium to full coverage as find this doesn’t tend to tick the natural looking and lightweight feel boxes which are more my priority than coverage. How a foundation feels on the skin can be make or break over coverage level for me.

First impressions of this are good. It really evens out and does feel good on the skin. I’d perhaps say it’s more medium than full coverage, but that might just be how I chose to wear it. I went for shade 110 which is very fair with pink undertones. I would maybe say I’m somewhere between 110 and 120. I really like the tube packaging with a pump dispenser – nice and portable and hygienic. I can’t fully vouch for the staying power as so far I only wore it for half a day but it held up well for this time.

But I’m feeling pretty positive about this one – personally I like a lighter foundation for feel but sometimes want more coverage but often the two don’t go hand in hand so something has to give. So far, this isn’t a bad combination of the two. WIN-WIN.

Sunday Riley The Influencer is available from Sephora but they do ship to the UK. Price $33.43 (plus tax & shipping)

Smashbox SuperFan Mascara (£17.50 ** OFFER BELOW)

You know when you just get a good feeling about a product? Well this is exactly that. I had a gut feeling that this would be a good one when it arrived and I put it straight into my ‘priority’ review pile as I was keen to try asap. I was not disappointed. Whilst the brush isn’t my usual preference in that it’s one of the firm comb style ones, the application and impact it has on lashes makes up for it. Promising a false-lash look and ‘fanned out’ lashes and have to say it pretty much delivers. Ok, so maybe not quite like I’m wearing full on falsies but it definitely does a great job at giving max length and volume in a few swipes. Very impressed.

The only downside being something that’s purely personal to me in that I seem to struggle with any sort of formula that isn’t a ‘tubing’ type of mascara at the moment (the sort that ‘wraps’ a lash and comes off with some warm water and gentle rubbing) anything else tends to smudge either on my upper lids or under my eyes. This one isn’t awful by a long way for smudging, but I did find it did so a little under my left eye. For some reason that’s my ‘problem’ eye… maybe it’s droopy?! But for lashes – this one seriously impressed me.

**At time of posting there’s an offer for a free Covershot palette when you spend £35 on selected Smashbox products.

Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide Lipstick (£28 Feel Unique)

(Launches 6th June 2018)

I haven’t tried a vast amount of Givenchy beauty but if this is anything to go by I can see one hell of an expensive habit forming. This is the new liquid lipstick range from Givenchy Beauty and I’ve been wearing it daily for the past week. The lipstick has gorgeous packaging with a leather-like lid that comes off to reveal a sort of velvet flat topped applicator with a little hole in in where the lipstick comes out as you twist it. The colour I’ve been wearing is 306 Orange Plumetis and I love it. A sort of pinky-orangey-red that sort of manages to be both in one shade?! It’s a bit magic and I love it. I find it a really flattering colour on me and hence why I’ve been reaching for it – a bright lip that just magically perks up the face without needing to pile on much else. A simple light base, slick of mascara, bit of a brow tidy and this and I’m good to go.

What has really caught my attention about this is the texture. Described as ‘velvet’ finish it’s a sort of hydrated matte that manages to be shine-free but not massively drying. It’s a comfortable matte rather than one that looks good for 30 seconds then looks like you’ve had every ounce of moisture sucked from your lips. The flat velvet applicator is unusual but actually makes for a flattering finish. Surprisingly easy to get good coverage and leave your lips looking well-painted but not too harsh. Really loving this shade and can see it being my go-to this Summer.



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