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I’m the sort of person who feels like I function better in a tidy and organised space. Unfortunately I also appear to have a disorganised/hoarder side to me too… which means I seem to spend about 70% of time time tidying and attempting to organise my collection of far too much stuff. Which doesn’t always make for a clean and focussed work space. So I decided to have a blitz of it and give it a bit of a spruce up, updating the space around my desk with some fresh prints and switching out some of the desk staples. Sometimes a change really is as good as a rest… so time to hit reset on my desk space and have a workspace refresh.

There’s also a Desenio discount code (valid August 2018 – full details below) at the bottom of this post.

Back to basics

First things first, when organising/freshening up an area I tend to strip it back to basics. Removing anything that could be seen as clutter or unnecessary away from the area. Then only add back in essentials/new pieces bit by bit. Then I can just tackle finding new homes or getting rid of the excess without feeling like I am just putting it all back where it came from.

I love my desk space to be pretty clear, it does inevitably build up with a few bits of clutter – especially incoming products. But I’m trying to keep the rest of the office organised so I keep this desk area build up to a minimum.

Updating the decor

Decoration wise, I decided to swap my previous angled desk lamp for a lamp I fell for as soon as I spotted it in Homesense – it has a cactus shaped gold base and a simple shade. Sure, if you’re mind goes that way you *could* say that the base has something a little phallic about it… but I like to think of it as just a cactus lamp. Not a penis lamp as Ollie tends to call it…

Print wise, I decided to change out the beauty-focussed trio of small prints I had over my desk for a new travel focussed trio. In larger sizes. I picked three vintage-style prints all from Desenio  – depicting three of my favourite destinations. Two of which I’ve been lucky enough to travel to as a directly through the blog. One of which is still very much a goal destination and it would be the dream for my blog to take me there! But a place I love so much and have been frequently over the last decade (and have plans to visit again later this year).

Prints with a personal touch

For me, changing the decoration to travel prints is a little reminder of the opportunities the blog has brought me over the years. I love travel and really hope that starting a family won’t have to mean the end of travelling. I am confident it wont, although it will inevitably look a little different in the process. There’s no reason we can’t still travel almost as much as we did previously. A little less spontaneous, but travel isn’t off limits just because we now have a baby to factor in.

I didn’t just get rid of the three beauty images, I relocated them to another space in the office. Over the IKEA storage unit where I stash incoming beauty – ‘organised’ (I say this as I’m well aware they look like overflowing baskets of chaos…) by type of product between hair/body/skincare/makeup. But that’s just a little insight to what the office is really like. Sure, I could have moved or emptied them for the photo, but that wouldn’t have been a real representation of the space so chose not to.

I’ve learnt over the years that a working space is always a work in progress. Ever evolving to accommodate style and use changes. I love having this room that is dedicated to my work – I’m sure slowly but surely it will end up part office part playroom or something… but for now. It’s my little haven and I’m very proud of it!

If you fancy your own little interiors update – workspace or otherwise – you can get 25% off posters/prints on Desenio.

The code “beautyjunkieldn” gives 25% off posters* on all of Desenio sites between August 21st and 23rd

*Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters.

Prints & frames gifted via Desenio. Any other items mentioned purchased by myself. 


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