MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

I did a little mini review of the new MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks (ASOS £17.50) over on my Instagram (@beautyjunkieldn) already but wanted to share my thoughts and a few snaps here to show you in a little more detail. 

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MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

First things first, what are the new MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks (ASOS £17.50) all about? They’re basically a unique feeling texture that is like a light powder blur type of finish but with a balm texture. So a velvet like texture but with more moisture. The soft blurred texture to them means they’re very easy to wear in terms of not needing that solid lip line step to make it look right.

MAC Powder Kiss
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
L-R: Style Shocked, Sultriness, Burning Love
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick – Style Shocked

I’d describe them as the perfect matte lip for someone who maybe dreams of being all polished and well groomed, but perhaps never quite achieves it? I don’t mean that in a negative way at all FYI – I include myself in this. I always want to be all polished and groomed, but always tend to have slightly messy hair or chipped nail varnish etc etc. You know, I try, but never quite make it! A matte lip is the perfect example for me too, as I LOVE a bold matte lip – but once it’s on I want to forget about it. I don’t want to have to touch it up every hour or check my lipstick and painstakingly reapply after eating. I need swipe and go level of ease and that’s exactly what the MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks (ASOS £17.50) offer.

The three shades I have here are: Style Shocked (orange red), Sultriness (pinky nude) and Burning Love (deep aubergine).

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

If you like a matte lip but want something comfortable to wear, especially if you have dry lips then these are up there with the best texture. It’s almost a confusing sensation to apply as they feel so balmy to wear, but have that velvet like ‘powder’ finish.

Also, the matte packaging on the lipstick is a win from me. It’s a NARS-like rubberised style, sure – it gets grubby the moment it’s in your pocked/bag etc but it does feel very tactile!

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick (ASOS £17.50)

Post features gifted products and affiliate links.

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  1. February 7, 2019 / 3:24 pm

    I’ve not heard too much about these lipsticks, but when I have seen a review they’ve always been so positive. It seems like such a fab formula, definitely need to give it a try xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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