Milk Makeup UK Launch

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Milk Makeup UK

So one of many exciting brands to be launched in the UK already in 2019 is Milk Makeup. A brand I first tried back in Summer 2017 when I picked some up on a Sephora trip in LA in my visit there in June. Now excitingly they’re available here, via Cult Beauty. Which is ace – only downside being they don’t have a store/counter you can go and try before you buy. But who knows, maybe that will come? I feel like Selfridges beauty hall would be a good place for the brand!? But that’s just a guess from me…

The first product I tried was the Milk Makeup Cooling Water stick – the blue one – in the signature fat-stick style that Milk Makeup are known for. It’s a cooling and refreshing solid stick that immediately feels like skin is perked up. But without slicking on a wetter product like a serum. I find this one great for long flights. But what I hadn’t tried was any of the actual make-up rather than the skincare. So that’s what I’ve been doing since the launch event (they held a Milk Makeup Pop Up in Covent Garden to launch the brand into the UK).

Milk Makeup UK

In fact, I just did an almost full face of Milk Makeup today to give it a test and share my thoughts. So read on for mini reviews of a few of their key products plus my favourites so far and the ones still on my list to test!

Milk Makeup UK

I started with the Milk Makeup Blur Stick (Cult Beauty £30.50) – feels very matte when you apply and great if you perhaps have oily skin and want to blur pores. For me I find the matte texture a little more drying so would actually look to avoid the areas around my eyes, whilst I’d love to blur the lines – the dryness would actually exaggerate them over the day. So for this, I’d say great if you have oily skin or pores to blur. But perhaps be cautious or go for the glowy blur stick if you want to blur lines or are prone to dehydration.

Milk Makeup UK

Then I used the Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Foundation in the shade Light (Cult Beauty £34)- I found a little of this goes a long way. I definitely needed less than I used. Took a bit of work to blend, but once it was done the finish is lovely. Matte, but natural. The Milk Makeup Flex Concealer in the shade Fair (Cult Beauty £23.75) is my new love. It comes with an applicator and the texture is thin, but decent coverage, whilst still being natural.

Milk Makeup UK

Then for a bit of colour/texture I used the Milk Makeup Highlighter in the shade Lit (Cult Beauty £20.50) on my cheekbones and eyelids. I love the glow it gives, but it it very creamy so doesn’t stay put on lids. But works for a quick look, might be better with a bit of the loose powder to set in place or as a base. Then I used the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stick in the shade Quickie (Cult Beauty £20.50) a deep red stain-like colour. I used this on my lips and cheeks and LOVE it. The combination of this and the highlighter on the cheeks is a glowy dream.

Milk Makeup UK

I also used a slick of the Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel (Cult Beauty £15) which is the Milk version of the Gimme Brow/Boy Brow type of brow mascara product). I was going to use the Milk Makeup Blur & Set Powder (Cult Beauty £25.50) but didn’t feel it needed it as was already matte enough so left that off – but will give it a whirl with a more glowy foundation.

Milk Makeup UK

All in all, I’m v.exciting Milk Makeup is now available from Cult Beauty in the UK. There are a few product highlights from the ones I’ve tried, the top ones I would recommend trying:

Milk Makeup Highlighter in the shade Lit

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in the shade Quickie

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer

Top of my list to try next are the Kush Mascara, Solid Oil Stick and the Pigments. I spotted a girl at the event blending two to make a gorgeous rose-gold shade and now I’ve been influenced and totally want to do the same…!

Milk Makeup UK

Post features gifted product/PR samples & affiliate links.


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